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Things you listed that I do or have done:
#1, #2 - at six, but not making much effort here, #3, #5 and probably more than you ;o), #8, #10, #11 also including telling kids to pour themselves a bowl of cereal or make their own sandwich and planning my pantry around having such items available at the reach of a three year old, #14.
Years ago I used to eat too much of some treat we had (a homemade cake or bag of candy) so that I would either buy or make another and hide the part I had, because my hubby was an honest-to-goodness piece counter, as in "You had three pieces of cake today?" - at the time I thought this whole bizarre behavior was independent and strong but now it just seems like it was a pretty weird way of making sure I could eat irresponsibly.


I'm all about number 8. And number 14? Almost peed my pants laughing!


OK, let's see...#1 Totally guilty! #2 My 4 year old wants to learn; even talks about doing the "criss-cross knot and making loops"; I just can't bring myself to teach him, so he owns slip-on shoes #3 Me and my littles wear our jammies more days than I would admit to anyone I know in real life #4 My husband is the "fun" parent, but I don't really care #5 My husband and I have great fun giving each other a hard time. What would life be without humor?! #6 I look like hell a lot. I need to work out more so I have an excuse. #7 I eat dinner with my kids, who might be the pickiest human beings on the planet. I take great joy in laughing at their requests for a snack later in the evening. Yeah right!!! #8 I am on the computer All The Time!! I don't even try to hide it. #9 If I fall behind on the laundry, I remind all my family members that 7 people make a huge amount of laundry, and invite them to help me do it. It's amazing how quickly they find an alternate outfit for the next day. 8^) #10 I am totally honest with my kids about sending their stuff to charity (although, I do send it off when they are not around), but I am always quick to remind them that sending outgrown clothes away = new clothes. They are pretty thrilled about that! #11 As mentioned in #7, I have some seriously picky eaters at my house. Their alternative to dinner is always a PB & J sandwich. They get to make it themselves, and I don't care what they eat it off of. #12 I wash things that I know are clean, just because they are wrinkled. I HATE to iron!!!! #13 I don't drink coffee, but I regularly drop off kids for school unbra-ed and unbrushed. I sometimes pick them up from school that way too. #14 My husband is a Middle School PE teacher. He would DIE if I let the kids do this! #15 I haven't gone there yet, but I SOOOOO wish I was at your house that day! Yum!!!!


I`m guilty of #3,#5,#8,#11 and so many more of my own devising !


Ok Here we go:
#1...I always, always check caller ID...if the three youngest are home they snatch it up before the first ring is finished and yell, "MOM, it's for you!"
#2...I can so totally beat you on the shoe-tying. I have two NINE year olds who only learned to tie their shoes last week when their dad finally took Game Cube away until they could prove to him that they could tie their shoes successfully.
#9 or maybe it should be under #12...Yeah, and I HATE when the 13 yr old won't put away what I folded and delivered to her room, so she just puts it all back in her hamper, STILL folded, and says she wore it.
#11...I have one child who lives off peanut butter and banana sandwiches. If there is ever a banana crop shortage he will probably starve to death. He does not eat what we have for dinner. Ever. Or anything with cheese, foods that are touching each other on the plate, stuff that is mixed together like pot pie or casseroles, or foods that don't taste good with tabasco sauce or mustard on them. Which explains why he looks like a skeleton model for biology class.

Enjoyed your post!


Quite a few of those are on my list, to be added:
a. cereal for dinner because, well, because
b. a toy that uses batteries is just "broken" in our house if it's too annoying
c. I'm sure there are more, but I need more tea


I'm guilty especially of the computer time! When I see my husband pull up in the driveway, I quick hit "Sleep" and run out and start doing something. And, I have taken my children to school in my bathrobe and slippers before.

Don't take this the wrong way, because I don't really care too much, but I wish parents would either teach their older children to tie their shoes or provide slip on/velcro because I get very tired of 3rd and even 4th grade kids asking me to tie their shoes at school (or zip their zippers, for that matter.) As if 60 kindergarten kids weren't enough...


Before our local Krispy Kreme closed its doors, my son and I would make "Pajama runs". We'd hope in the van in our pajamas, drive through and pick up our donuts (with the free dozen as per my fundraiser card), and then go home. Still in our pajamas. Okay, we only did these every month or two, but it was sure fun.


Okay, I don't have caller ID (I know!), so I just don't answer the phone. If it's important, they'll leave a message. We're on the Do Not Call registry, which works SOOOOOO well, but I get annoyed with all the charity calls. And I don't drink coffee, so no to that one, but I've taken the kids to school and/or the bus stop in my jammies. Everything else, I've done, er, do, on a fairly regular basis (except the chocolate for breakfast - DH does that). Glad to get that off my chest, and so glad I'm not the only one.


Thank you for reminding me about No. 6. I haven't worked out in a loooong time, and I need all the motivation I can get to start again.

I am guilty of 5, 8 and 10. No. 14 is inspired.

As for 11, I will just say it felt like a breach of contract when my six year old stopped eating peanut butter sandwiches.


I must say, that #s 2, 10, 11 and 12 sound quite familiar. But that's not a bad thing.


GASP... I am shocked by all of these;-)

I just turned to my 7yr old and had to ask him if he can tie his shoes. He said no. I had no idea. Ah well, isn't that why they make slip-on shoes nowadays?


#8!!! I am laughing so hard! I think my husband suspects this one and he often calls when he leaves work so that I run around for the next 30 minutes to make it look like I actually did something around the house. I posted a few others at my blog too. hehe


#12- Oh, dear, should I be feeling bad about this??

cuz I don't...



I ALWAYS check caller ID! I rarely answer, though. I have my own very guilty confessions to make, but I don't dare, lol. Wearing jammies for 5 days straight would be one of them.


I want to know why you waited until you were tight for cash to serve fondue--it can't possibly be worse than donuts--in fact, with the fruit it's probably better.

I served some leftover pumpkin cake to the kids for breakfast a few weeks ago and my husband objected. I wanted to know what the difference between pumkin cake and coffee cake was? (Coffee cake being his favorite breakfast). At least one has some veggie vitamins in there!


Stop spying on me, Carmen. :)


I am very guilty of one, three, eight and thirteen. No, you are not alone.


I do #8 pretty much every single day.

And today? I took my son to the pediatrician and to Starbucks and to the video store, totally braless. And now that I think about it, I also ran to the grocery sans bra. Whoo hoo, I'm hott.

Or something.


You've been inspiring. I may have to take this over onto my blog! Or not. I think my hubby reads me every now and then!
I am guilty of: #'s 1, 2 (my 4 year old), (I'm going to have to steal 6), and 8!!


I'm totally using this tomorrow on my blog. (after I fix my blogroll I'm going to link you). I swear, reading your post AND the comments gives me the feeling that I've found "my people." LOL So here goes:

#1-totally, 100% guilty and I don't care if everyone knows it.
#2 My kids are 19, 17 and 13 so they can tie their shoes. However, I had it easy with them. They all could do it at around the age of 5.
#3 I don't work outside the home so it's quite common for me to wear my pj's all day. In fact, after I stopped working, I found myself shopping for pj's instead of clothes.
#4 Hubby doesn't give them candy. Not an issue
#5 I'm with you on this one
#6 I thought I was the only person who did this!!! I feel so much better!
#7 If my kids choose not to eat, they're SOL. It's not often that they do.
#8 I used to do this but now I don't care. If there's something that he thinks should be done but it isn't, then he can do it himself.
#9 My laundry room is in the garage so I don't do this.
#10 Good lord, are you SURE that you haven't been to my house because I TOTALLY do this. And really, if they leave something lying around the house itmust not be that important.
#11 Check. Guilty as charged
#12 Just did this one today as a matter of fact
#13 Guilty. But I have to be careful... boobs are saggy somewhat and I don't want to get carpet burns!! LOL
#14 My kids are willing to sleep in anything. They are guilty of the same offense.
#15 Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. No shame in that... at least you fed them! If it were at my house they probably wouldn't have gotten to eat because I'd have eaten all the chocolate before anyone else had a shot at it!


I like #12 - I think I'm going to start using that one!


are you spying on me? :)

my big confession is this - sometimes my kids wear the same clothes for a few days in a row, only to bathe & change if we are going to be seeing other people.

As I said at Chris's blog - I can't post confessions at my blog - my mom reads it. But grinding your own flour gives me a break on daily sweeping, right?

Mrs. Flinger

I love that you went to get coffee in your PJ's (ubra-d) I've gone in my slippers with morning breath and a screaming baby. They love it when you do that. :-)

My latest confession? I can't stay away from blogging. *sigh*


#1-That's okay, I know you're busy. And it would help if I didn't call when I know darn well you are at WORK.

#2? Nope, neither can my 8 year old. With his learning disability and other problems, it's one of the things I don't worry about.

#8-YEP. When I hear my husband's car pull in the driveway, I slam the laptop shut and run into the kitchen to look busy.

#12-YES!! My boys think everything is dirty after being worn once. It usually isn't.

#13-It helps that I can wear my big winter coat so they can't tell I'm braless.

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