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Great point.


kind of makes me wonder what was in the pot...



That is a great story. Do you mind if I steal it? And I hope you got that pot cleaned eventually. Have a great day!


Hmmm, I'll have to think on that.


What a really great, inspirational story.
I just got to work and I was feeling dejected about the work looming ahead. Thank you for helping me to see the silver lining.


Great story!

My pony is my family's love. No matter what we go through, we love each other.


What a great story! I know my youngest son would still be looking for the pony too~


I love that.

My pony is that even though I've been feeling wretched lately, I've been able to read a lot, and I'm working through my Spring Reading List. Plus, watching my kids use their imaginations when we're stuck in the house because of my pain is amazing.

Thanks for sharing this. It helped me a lot right now, I was feeling sorry for myself.

Diane L Beatty

There is a pony in everything - if you have enough faith to look for it. Wonderful story. I need to remember it when I'm elbow deep in dirty pots (or bad thoughts).

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