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The tooth fairy in my house forgot so often that when one daughter lost a tooth she left notes from the front door to her bedroom saying "Tooth Fairy, This Way".

She didn't forget that time!


Once I wrote a check 'cause i was clean out of cash. I think my son still has it.


I have had to do the thing where I go "look" for the money that MUST have fallen down between the mattresses.

I suck.


The closest I came to forgetting, I had gone to bed and to sleep, woke up about 4am, remembered, barely managed to get the tooth out and the money under there, made it to my room, had JUST crawled back into bed, and there is my (then) 5 year old running into my room to tell me the tooth fairy came! Now, she's 11 and I'm pretty sure she knows! (And as long as she doesn't tell her 5 year old brother, I'm okay.)


This story is actually my mothers. When I lost my first tooth my mom was at home with neither change nor a car to go get money. It was the night before my dad's payday as well. So that night she said "crack your window so the tooth fairy can get in" around 4 pm. When I went to bed at 8 I had forgotten. So that night she snuck outside with her makeup case and some q-tips and drew a fairy splatter on my window along with a tiny note in eyebrow pencil about not appreciating slamming into glass and how she'd be back Monday if I was lucky from the fairy.

From then on out I left the window cracked for the tooth fairy, I also got change every time. $2 in silver or gold.

Guess quick thinking saved my mother too.


My tooth fairy was perfect. She never missed a tooth, the quarter was always just where I could find it. Amazingly (and slightly disgustingly, I might add) she kept all of the teeth, which she tried to give me a few years back. Um, no thanks.

My children do not have the same tooth fairy. She always forgets, never saves teeth, and I guess you could say she flies around by the seat of her...uhhh...pants.


Okay, I read every comment, and no one said anything about being afraid when you playing toothfairy. Is it just me? I'm sure it's not just me, 'cause I'm not weird or anything. Really I'm not. It's just that I get this terrible fear inside as I am sliding my hand under the pillow, reaching for the baggie containing tooth and note. Am I afraid of getting caught? I can't explain it, it just is.


You know, when I had just one child, I was a good mom-I would always remember the tooth fairy. Any child after #2 has just gotten the shaft in this house. I can never remember the tooth fairy-and I NEVER have any cash-paper or coin on me when a tooth falls out. I can never understand this! Once, when my son lost a tooth I scrambled and found a Buzz Lightyear toy that he had received for Christmas but we had yet to open it and stuffed it next to his pillow. He bought it... but he is gullable. I have used the "she must not have been able to find it under your pillow" excuse many times... "wait til tomorrow-she'll come eventually-I think."


Hey at least you remembered b/c I've forgotten not 1X but 2X (2 nights in a row). Then 2nd morning while Lyndsey was in the bathroom I threw a $5 bill behind her head board, so that it was on the floor. She came back to her room and was upset b/c the tooth fairy forgot to leave her money. When she discovered the $5 b/c I showed her where it was at she wasn't upset anymore. LOL

Lyndsey is now 12 and had 4 teeth pulled at the dentist b/c of her braces and she asked me the next morning where her money was from the tooth fairy. Oh such a silly, silly girl...you don't get money from the tooth fairy anymore if you don't believe in her.


I'm new to this blog, and reading the story and the comments, I laughed so hard that I was crying, and the dog got all upset. Bless you all for the best thing that has happened to me today!


Fun post -- thanks! I'm a sneak-it-under-the-pillow-while-offering-consolation type. Then -- look! A miracle! See http://northtemple.com/467 .

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