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Well, I think it's cool!! I don't have the guts to sit through one but I love yours! By the way, I've heard that the lower back is the most painful place to get one. You are my hero.


I think it's awesome. I love that it has meaning for you too. Of course the first time I saw this picture I thought it was a necklace... :)

My mother (age 58) has wanted a tattoo for about 20 years now. Just a little flower on her shoulder blade area. My dad has said he will leave if she does. We don't really know how serious he is, but we don't just shrug it off. But she still talks about it and i think one day she'll just go and do it. As if my dad could live without her anyway... :)


I'm too big a woos to ever get one myself, but I am so glad you finally got yours! It's beautiful and now you have one more beautiful thing about you!


I don't think I'd ever get a tattoo, but yours looks really good. Congratulations for losing that weight and for being so brave!


It's so cool. And so pretty! You did a really great job designing it. I can't believe it only took an hour to get.


It's beautiful, Carmen.

Suburban Oblivion

You will get another, trust me. Once the pain wears off and the memory fades a bit, the itch will hit you. Just you wait ;)


Wow, that's huge Carmen. I'm impressed! My daughter will be impressed and try to use you as a reason for me to let her get her second one. So, I'm not going to show this to her. hahaha!


Welcome to the land of tatoo's.

One thing you might here from some people is that you may regret it... in 5 years you'll wonder why you did it... blah blah blah.

I got mine when my son was 2 months old, back in 1992. I still don't regret it! :) Although I do have to get in somewhere to have the color touched up now that it's been almost 15 years! :)

I'm glad you went through with it.


I love the meaning behind your tattoo! I really, really want a second one but I want it to be special and connected to my family like yours. My first is a red rose on my lower belly, it even survived 2 pregnancies very well. And yeah I'd imagine a back tattoo would hurt more than mine did, anything over a bone hurts more.


My own opinion is that a tattoo that has as much meaning as this one is incredibly symbolic and meaningful. I actually get a little teary thinking about engraving this record of your family and heritage on your body and enduring the pain for the beauty, and also about how it records your great achievement in losing the weight that bothered you and creating a new body to house your tremendous soul. What do the kids think?


That is very beutiful. And you're not kidding about that being a very painful spot. mine took over an hour and a half. We took break half way through. Now I'm tempted to put mine out there. It represents me watching over my childrten. A mama frog, watching over tadpoles. Very colorful.


Congrats on going through with it. I've been toying with the idea for well over a decade.


It sure is beautiful! I wish I could have seen it in person ;P. Congrats on the guts, girl! I am so chicken... I've wanted on too, but maybe after the weight is all gone, I might garner some guts...

Did it hurt afterwards at all?


I got my tattoo when I was drunk in Germany by a guy named Gunther. My husband was PISSED when I came home! I love it though-it is in the same place as yours. I have a butterfly-and I want to add to it by making 4 little butterflies below it for each of my children and then putting my husband's name in there somehow. I showed it off to everyone when I first got it-now I like to keep it under wraps. I know it peeks out every once in a while-and I know my husband is secretly turned on by the fact that he is married to a chick with a tat. HA!


It's gorgeous and the meanings behind it are great too!


That's gorgeous! I'm seriously considering getting a tattoo encircling my upper arm. I know what style I want, but I still need to do my research and find the exact design I want.


Niice...I love mine and am wanting more now!

But I had mine one the upper back and it didn't hurt at all.

Mama Luxe

I have a Celtic design, too...mine's all blackwork and also extends across most of my lower back.


I think that's the prettiest tatoo I've ever seen. Love the symbolism.


I think it's beautiful!!


I am just recalling your post about wanting jeans that weren't too low-riding - maybe you should go with the low-riders now to show off your art! :) Or maybe not. And I am also wondering how it is that you keep looking at it? A two-mirror trick? I had a tattoo desire for a number of years, but I always thought I would get one where I could easily see it. I never did, although I have seen some beautiful ones - yours included!



I had to LOL when I read about you getting a tattoo, because I have been flirting with Bill about getting one for our 17th anniversary this summer. I just have to decide where and what it will be. We have some friends who are going to take us to their artist in Galveston.


Mary Tsao

Welcome to the Club! Have you been watching Miami Ink? That show has me really itching to get another tattoo. Yours is awesome!


I love it! It's perfect and meaningful and brilliant! Well done!

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