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Great story! I recently wrote the "how we met" story on my blog. Even though I remembered it, it was very interesting to write it all out on the blog. Since we've been married almost 16 years, it brought back some really good memories! :)

Love your story.


I love your story!

I'm not sure I'm willing to publish my "how we met" story because it involves under age drinking and a fraternity house. My family and his are still under the assumption we met at the restaurant we both worked at. And technically we did but the majority of the story isn't PG rated.


"No one from my family came to the wedding."

Wow. How were they AFTER the wedding? And now????? You'll have to post about that some time.

I had no idea you were married so young - ME TOO! :) There are a few of us out there. LOL.


I love this, Carmen! And, look at ya'll now! Stories like yours are enough to make the skeptics believe in love!

I may post my own story soon. It's quite similar but though we moved quickly, it wasn't that fast!!


WOW. From this point forward when anyone expresses shock that I was engaged within 4 months and married about 4 months later, I'm saying, "Yeah, well, I'm friends with a woman who married her husband about 30 days after meeting him."
I was married, moved 1,000 miles away, and had a whole new job, less than a year after meeting this man. Oh and I was 'seeing' someone else when we to dinner the first time too. Never talked to that guy again -- I wonder if he's still waiting for me to call him back.


What a great story. I laughed out loud at the part w/the parm cheese container!!!


Wow Carmen! I met my dh-to-be on the same weekend that you met yours!! November 17, 1989 at a party in college. I remember calling my brother on November 19th to tell him happy birthday and that I had met someone.
We got engaged in September of 1990 and told our parents on New Year's Day, 1991. That went over very poorly, due to the fact that, ahem, a new little family member was already on the way. We got married in March, 1991.
It's possible that things would have gone better if we had gotten married 30 days after we met!


God works in wonderful ways, those fundraisers will get you everytime! We were set up on a blind date by a mutual friend and that was it - I never would have met him if not for skipping class (the one and only time in college) to meet my friend for lunch and there he was. Thank you for sharing your story, I was in need of a smile :)


Good one. Thanks for sharing.


Love the parmesian part! *g*

I married young, too. But no where near as fast as you!

Thanks for sharing.


I married young too but there was no parmesan cheese in our engagement. :)


Great story. I love the cheese detail!
I married my husband after we spent 3 weeks together when he was on holidays from Canada in Australia. I was engaged to someone else when we first met, but not for long, as I just 'knew' I'd met the man I was going to marry. That was 8 years ago - still going strong!


You met your husband at 19, got engaged eleven days after you met, and got married 16 days after that? That is the best engagement story EVER!


If there's an award for best "ahhhhhh" story on getting married, you deserve it. Lovely story, brilliantly told.


I guess if it's meant to be then it's meant to be. What an awesome story!


That is an awesome story! And I have so been there with the cheese.


Well when you find the person you want to marry why wait. It's ridiculous.. Your story is alot like my parents and they will be married 50 years next year! sorry to see you have had such a super crazy busy week.. hoping you get to relax a little next week!

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