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I'm being brain dead and can't find your real email. Can you drop me a line I have some (private) advice re your latest project. :-)

Thanks! robinEweiss at hotmail dot com


Wow... that milk thing puts it into perspective... milk only ever costs around $2.00 a gallon here.


Nah, if you REALLY want to be stared at forget to do up your fly on your black pants and wear bright blue lacy underwear....

Yeah I did. Yesterday.


That last point is funny.... considering i am sitting here in my old jammies and my hair all full of lice treatment! UGH!


I'm not watching Grey's any more either. What happened there? I like Pushing Daisies OK. I'm loyal to House & The Closer.

Deb L

"I was unreasonably excited to see milk for $2.36 a gallon tonight. Typically, I pay close to $5 a gallon, and we drink a gallon a day. I'm contemplating cooking all of the meat in my freezer, just so I can go buy more milk."

WOW!! I'd be tempted to cook all the meat in my freezer too! Milk is between $4 and $5 a gallon here, unless there's a sale or you go to CostCo. I haven't seen milk below $3 a gallon in ages. And we go through nearly a gallon a day as well.


Ok, I spent the weekend in Leavenworth, KS being feasted upon by chiggers and I think a few made their way to my brain cells, but I'm having a hard time picturing emptying your freezer of meat, cooking and eating it before it's spent too many days in the refrigerator.

We had a huge amount of meat in our freezer to feed 5 boys and 3 girls. If we cooked it up and put it in the refrigerator, and allowed a maximum of 4 days in the refrigerator before spoilage, there's no way we would get it all eaten in a timely fashion.

Ok, I know those chiggers are messing with my brain cells, this was a rhetorical statement and I'm sitting here trying to analyse cooking and storage--DUH!


You can freeze milk?


I stopped watching Grey's as well. I love Pushing Daisies too! I also love Friday Night Lights, Ugly Betty and Brothers & Sisters.

Hope your writers block wears off and you can start writing your book!

Milk has never been over $2.69 a gallon here in Vegas -- and I did NOT know you could freeze milk. Doesn't it separate when you thaw it?

I had recently stopped doing Tae Bo 'cause my knee was bothering me -- I started it up again over the weekend and I found I missed some of the kicks and moves, too!

LOL...this reminded me of that back in the day sketch on Saturday Night Live called "Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy"....

Now, if that didn't age me, nothing will! LOL

MAKE it a GREAT day!



Freeze Milk?



I totally agree with all of those bullets. And I do think you could do a post about each one!

# I am no longer watching Grey's Anatomy. I am sort of watching Heroes, and in love with Pushing Daisies.
LOVE those too. And I only watch Grey's if there is nothing else I want to watch. Damages is good too. Why does Glenn Close always have to be a phycho?


I just received my RealSimple Magazine and there you are! I am surprised because I thought the Canadian content might be different but it isn't.
So you are famous up here too!


I thought I was doing well with milk at 5.88 for 4litres, I miss the US food prices sometimes


Milk at Walmart here is $3.50. That is the cheapest I can get it. It is insanity!

My suburban is starting to get a smell too....chicken nuggest under the seat? Will have to break down and find out.

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