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Oh, Ireland is a great place to go. I went there for a high school trip and loved the rustic beauty of it. I've been wanting to go back ever since and explore the Northern part of the country.
But if I could go anywhere, I think it would have to be New Zeland.


Australia in the worst way.

Also, Disney without a budget. Pathetic, I know.


Ditto to Ireland! My in-laws are going to Italy next summer and had their AAA Europe tour book out this past weekend. I was drooling over the Ireland packages.


I've always wanted to go to the New England states in the fall.


Southeast Asia, for sure.


A trip around the world! Why choose one place? But Egypt, Thailand, Australia and Alaska are high on the list.

Stephanie C.

Greece and Italy.


Damn, that's hard. Scotland sounds really spectacular right now. I could also very happily do Spain/Italy/Greece (if you use slashes like that it is all one place). Um, and I have been thinking about Maine lately. Which is hardly international, but is pretty far from where I am.


Hands down, Italy. But I want to see Ireland and Scotland too. And Paris and London and and and . ... :)

Tammy/Photography for Fun

I want to go back to Australia and see all that I missed the first time.

Caren Story

I would love to take my husband and kids back to Kenya where I grew up! We'd go to the coast, and I'd show them where I went while I lived there...all the places I lived, etc.


All right, I'll follow the spirit of the question and not cheat by saying I'd take a cruise around the world. I would love to see Italy. And Spain. And Portugal. And...


Definitely Africa and India.


I'm extremely blessed that I was able to travel a lot pre-kids. I've been pretty much everywhere in Europe and a lot of the middle east. But I've never been to Asia. I'd LOVE to go to India, Japan, VietNam, and Thailand.

And my second trip? Australia and New Zealand.


All of Italy and Paris. Yay! What a great topic. Really made me think...


Another trip to Australia would be a blast, and if a side-trip back to New Zealand was included, so much the better.


Europe, and then return through Africa!!




southern France, and southern Germany. I've seen Paris and Frankfurt, but I really want to explore the southern parts of each country.

Oh, and not be pregnant with morning sickness on the trip (that was so majorly lame in Paris)



Also Holland. Venice. Paris. London. Prague.

And Greece.

I just really need about 3 months to see all of Europe I think. But Russia. I would definitely start with Russia.

Deb L

I love the vibrancy of cultures that inhabit the equatorial part of the globe. Spicy food, rich bold color and pattern, and so on. But I would really love to visit the UK, and not only enjoy cultural offerings and visit a lot of historical sites, but do some research on our family history while there.


Egypt, I think. I've always wanted to see the pyramids.


The ancient Roman ruins in Italy.


I've never been to the Canadian Rockies and heard that they were hands down the most beautiful mountains in the world. So I'd pick Lake Louise, stay in a top notch resort, go on a train ride and just take it all in. Since I don't like to sky, I'd go in the summer!


Austria and Italy.
After that it would be Japan and Alaska.

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