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Tomorrow: A work day (I'm a part-timer)

Feeling: Tired and annoyed with myself for not accomplishing more on my day home.

Happy Because: Both kids' bedrooms are relatively clean.

Today I: Spent the day with DH since the kids had to be in school. We had a nice lunch out.

Laundry: Never caught up, but I still love my new, larger washer and dryer.

Something I know: My new job at church (but I can't tell anyone else yet)!

Currently reading: Shadow Puppets by Orson Scott Card

Wanting: Warmer weather

Favorite gadget: my iPod (can't argue with that answer)

Thankful that: The next two weeks are light on PTA and other after-school activities. (It picks up significantly after that.)

Wondering why: no one in my house can hang up a coat, put away a pair of shoes, stick hats and gloves in the cubbies.
(Again, I can't think of a better answer to this one.)


I didn't really like the Jane Austen book club either, and I LOVE Jane, so it felt sort of sacrilegious. But it just didn't hold my attention.
Have you or your daughter read The Mozart Season by Virginia Euwer Wolff? The main character's name is Allegra. I just love that name, and I still read that book over and over again. It's fantastic.


Tomorrow: Work interrupted by taking my daughter to the orthodontist.
Feeling: Itchy (allergies in January? I'm a ragweed girl!)
Happy Because: I just love my family.
Today I: Had lunch with a friend!
Laundry: Planning to throw in a full load in the morning before work.
Something I know: The temperature is well below freezing here.
Currently reading: Just finished Meet the Austins - I missed this L'Engle series until now.
Wanting: A massage
Favorite gadget: Does a computer count?
Thankful that: I just realized my mortgage will be paid off in 10 years and 4 months.
Wondering why: The balance is still so high - I *understand* interest but it's still shocking.


i did it at my place!

Mary, mom to many


I did this over at my place...

(sorry if this shows up twice)

Mary, mom to many


Because coats, glove, hats, etc belong on the floor. As well as backpacks, homework, clothing, toys, pillows, blankets. Sheesh why would we have such huge expanses of horizontal surface otherwise? ;)

Honestly I have no clue but I have the same problems here. I think I'm going to be a hunchback with all the picking up I do. Or become a mute after all the yelling I do at the children to pick up after themselves.


wondering why...my boys have suddenly become to weak to lift a toilet seat.


Jan. 21st- my baby turned 14! But she's lovely and becoming more so each day!
Feeling: tired and fat...will get over it, but there you have it
Happy: love my family and my job
Laundry: basket to be folded, wet to be dried, and dirty to be washed...never ending
Reading: A More Obedient Wife...too soon to tell, also disappointed in JABC Love Jane and so happy Masterpiece Theatre is doing the JA gig now.
Wanting: time
Fav. gadget: My creative zen mp3
Thankful that: I made it to work in one piece considering the 8" of snow we DID get yesterday/night
Wondering: the same as you...do they think those shoes/coats/etc will get up on their own and put themselves away???

Oh well at least the sun is shining even if it is only 8 degress out:/


Tomorrow: A work day (I'm also a part-timer)
but no stinkin night class and we're already haf way through the week!yay!

Feeling: disconcerted - had a convo with the bf about "expectaions" last night, ie. I want a ring and I want it now. He thinks more like a year from now, OR MORE. pout.

Happy Because: Every single piece of laundry, excluding what's on my back, is clean, IRONED, FOLDED, AND PUT AWAY.

Today I: Have "special projects" at work, ie. b.s. that no one else wants to do.
Do you like how I'm on here instead?? :)

Laundry: See Above. Yes!

Something I know: That I am better than this job.

Currently reading: Virgin Earth by Phillipa Gregory, have read the entire series since Christmas - SO GOOD.

Wanting: To be asked the right question. And for Feb 1st to hurry up and get here so I can get paid.

Favorite gadget: my iPod (can't argue with that answer) - me neither and I'm so sad I forgot it at home today.

Thankful that: I'm going to Disney World on the 14th (apologies to the bf, but 'all expenses paid' beats out v-day anyday!)

Wondering why: he's dragging his feet.


Tomorrow: Wednseday night with my niecelings
Feeling: Sick and tired of being sick.
Happy Because: My Ipod just played my favorite song.
Today I: Got out of bed and went to work. Hey, I'm even still here. Exciting, huh?
Laundry: Done on Sunday. Sheets still smell lovely.
Something I know: I need gas in my car before I go home.
Currently reading: The Ya-Ya's in Bloom. Very good, if you liked the original...or the movie.
Wanting: A vacation. A house. A Valentien's Date.
Favorite gadget: my iPod
Thankful that: I only have an hour and a hlf until I can go home and go to bed.
Wondering why: Children's hair has such beautiful highlights and by the time we're adults, we have to dye it to get it that way.


Tomorrow: How will you celebrate?
Work, but it will be hump day.

Feeling: Good-after a scary commune in this morning with the icy roads, traffic was light and I got home early this evening.

Happy Because: My friends adopted their daughter after a long wait.

Today I: Worked.

Laundry: Both hampers are full, I spent my day off with my girl and did NO laundry.

Something I know: I love my husband.

Currently reading: Anne Perry's period mystery, Bethlehem Road.

Wanting: Time and money, in that order.

Favorite gadget: The radio, I love NPR.

Thankful that: My daughter slept through the night.

Wondering why: When you do have time or money, it is never at the same time.

Care to fill in any of these with your own answers?

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Vegas Princess

I am offically delurking to say I love your blog and if by chance you need any tips for your trip to Vegas let me know! I happen to be an expert. :)

Now I am off to do this on my blog.

J from Ireland

Tomorrrow - orthodontist with eldest 2
Feeling - happy its only 2 more full days till our mini-break.
Laundry - so so lazy last 2 days loads to do.
Something I know - its good to be alive.
Currently reading - this book will change your life by a.m. homes.
Wanting - not to be as lazy as was today and yesterday.
Favourite gadget - sky + (our version of tivo)
Thankful that - spending the weekend in the middle of no where with hubbie and kids.

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