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Headless Mom

Great Article!

I'm so proud of you!


this "googling" exercise cracked me up and also reassured me a bit in that I'm not all that visible. It was many titles down the page until I got to be reminded of my ABYSMAL race time. My namesakes are doing well in the biz world and I think one is a stripper . . when I tried with my middle name in the mix, Google insisted that I was spelling my last name wrong. Thus, I remain a woman of mystery, except for those racing times, ugh!


I just had a go at this and wrote a post with my results. Come have a look if you want.


I tried this and was no where to be found among all the others of the same name, which is fine with me. *G* I blame my hubs. Our last name is so generic it sounds fake. *G*


I will, indeed, be there.


I am fortunate (or unfortunate?) to have such a common name that you'd have to already know a lot about me to distinguish what you got in the results from anyone else out there. But in relation to your previous post about facebook...you can really get in trouble when people start tagging those photos of you!


I had fun doing this. By the way, I read your article in the Virginian Pilot, I am in the same area.. :)


all I get is a lot of news releases I've put out professionally with my name and number as the media contact.

I'm so boring they probably wouldn't even let me in blogher.


Hi there - just wanted to say that I found what you wrote about losing weight via Danielle Bean's site today. And you have inspired me. I need to be healthy for my kids and for myself and my husband. So, thank you for writing it and for your encouragement. :)


Steph T. (Serenity Now! Serenity Now!)

I too had to take a stab at this, though I didn't make it to BlogHer...I actually google myself alot. Sad isn't it?

Come visit me and see what I came up with...

I share the same name as some scary creatures!

Lady with 6 daughters

Oh what fun. I am a porn star, I am a documentary film maker, I have 5 sons in Texas and I'm a scrapbook blogger in Texas and I'm a 38 yr old woman with Down's Syndrome who was raped and beaten to death by her caregivers. Wow. They were proscecuted.

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