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i luv your blog I've always thought of doing one but never really actually attempted it. how do you start your own blog? i know you have been doing it for quite some time now. the article today in the paper is very entertaining and i especially enjoyed the alphabet of Carmen.
keep blogging

Diapers and Wine

The funny thing is, I hardly EVER read the paper. Today I just happened to see your article while whipping up breakfast for my kiddo. And then my mommyblogger radar went off and I read the thing from start to finish.

Love the blog - and it's nice to meet a local momblogger! Keep up the great work. :-)

Jeannette Zell (aka Gingerdc9 on various boards & blog)

Hi! I read about your blog at PilotOnline. It's so fun to read other Mommy blogs! I actually started a local VA Beach group on Meetup.com for working moms with children. I've been able to meet so many people, which was great since I didn't have any friends here except for my sisters...how do you spell loser? LOL

I've added you to my favorites so I can keep lurking. ;-)

- Jeannette

Backpacking Dad

Blackberry. For sure.

Headless Mom

Mexican is my fave, too. I can eat chips, salsa and guac until the cows come home.


Hi there,
I read the article on your story in the newspaper (well, pilotonline). Great story!
I'll keep reading!


One of your regular readers here! *G* I vote for the blackberry! *G* Lovely meme.


Congrats! It must be so exciting to be featured in the paper.


I saw the picture on the front page of the Pilot this morning and said, "That's Carmen," before I even read the headline much less the article.

Then my husband read the article. Now he wants to know why I don't blog since it seems as if I'm on my computer all day long, anyway. He never realised that you can actually make money blogging. I didn't point out to him that my life is nowhere near as interesting as yours and therefore I'd never have enough readers to attract a single advertiser. He said, 'Well, we could have some more kids, would that help?'

I threw my mouse at him.

*not really ;)


...and of course I typed in the wrong email address on the above comment. Husband wants me to start a blog, and I can't even get my email right. Sheesh.

Gene Groszek

Saw your picture in the paper this morning at breakfast, and knew exactly who you were. I've watched your family grow every Sunday at Greg's since your first, in what, 1992. Can't remember if that was the old or new church back then. My memory is horrible. It's hard for me seeing Frank at church without a suit and tie, almost didn't recognize him. I could'nt believe how much weight you lost. You look fabulous. And your a Lucy fan!. Anyway congrads on the article, and your beautiful family, and thanks for your blog, I plan on reading it all.


Hi Carmen,
Great article and picture of you in today's newspaper! Congratulations on a great article/picture and on the FRONT page, too!!! We go to St. G.'s and really enjoy your family leading the rosary before the 11am mass. You are richly blessed with your beautiful family!
And you look awesome with your new skinny self!!

Melissa Rich

Hey Carmen!
My hubbie pointed your article out to me in this morning's paper, as I recently started blogging...and he'd love for me to make some money ;P...and I said,"Wait a minute, I know that girl!" From way back when, we were kidless and wearing pointe shoes. I'm so proud of you! You have a beautiful family and such an awesome blog. No surprise, really. You always had moxie. Big hugs and many congrats to you!
~Melissa, formerly a Langknecht known as Ethel.


I have to comment because I am jealous of all the locals. I was in your town for two nights when I was 14! I think you were busy having Nikolas at the time.

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