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Stephanie C.

Well, Shannon is very interesting to me. I don't know anyone like her IRL, so I rather enjoyed reading her perspective on life. Thanks for the interview, Carmen.


I love her! Thanks for pointing her out.

Headless Mom

Great interview, Carmen! I now can't wait to click through and read more. Shannon sounds fascinating.


good interview, I like that a lot. I Love the link to the nekkid neighbour. What is with people not leaving curtains! that happened here too


Great interview! I loved the civil disobedience question...and her answer. answers.


That was a great interview! And what a great idea, I just went and signed up!


She's great! Thanks for posting this. Off to read more at her blog!


You guys! Thank you so much for being so kind; it really made my day. Thanks for reading and thanks too for clicking over to read more.

Anne-Marie | A Mama's Rant

I found Shannon via one of my other (now defunct) blogs. She was a frequent visitor. It's been awhile since I visited her blog, so I'm thrilled that you gave me a kick in the butt to do so!

squid rosenberg

HEY! Thanks Shannon & Carmen! We appreciate the plug for Can I Sit With You? so very very much. Almost as much as S's restraint in not taking potshots.

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