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Carmen~You are the definition of a true soccer mom! :-)

Sweet Serendipity

Oh, I agree! We are totally occupied at our house during soccer seasons too. Practices, games, coaching, coordinating, volunteering at the concession stand, we do it all. Yes, sitting in the wind, rain or melting sun...it's still so much fun!


From one soccer mom to another soccer mom: big kid soccer rocks too!


I love watching all my boys play soccer, baseball or whatever. They crack me up when they're real little and just run all over the place not really having a clue of what's going on!!! Now having to sit at all the practices is a different story!


You should run for Vice President.

Yipee~It's Leah

2 of my 4 kids play. We had a rough game today. Who'd think that these 10 year olds could be such punks. Our team showed them what good sportsmanship is!

Jerri Ann

How come the words soccer mom sound normal to me, but when Sarah Palin would say "hockey mom", I turned into a 12 year old and giggled while saying, "hockey mom, hehehe"


Oh, for the love of soccer! Our season is just about ending--Hooray! I couldn't have survived it without carpool buddies.


And just today it ended with a rousing tournament for our 3/4 girls. They were undefeated going into the tournament. They won the first round of four 30 minute games to go onto the 'final round'. In between there was a break to give out the dog tags to all the teams so those not playing or watching the final game could leave. What a 30 minute break can do....they lost...the only game they lost season 2 to 1. I swear even my Tessie feined a head injury to put ice on her head to hide the fact she was crying over the loss. Being called the 'wall' all season and then letting 2 goals in the last game was a bit too much for her to bear.
And my throat hurts from screaming :)

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