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Oh. My. Makes you glad you already took the Christmas photo huh? That's all I can think of to say..........


What is with your kids and sharp objects? I think you need to lock the scissors, razors, knives, and any other sharp items up with the booze!



Ha! What would life be without your kids doing this...of course, I'll be locking up anything that might cut hair as my kids get older!




Holy cow. FABulous job they did! Enough to bring me out of lurk-dom to say - some day this will be funny to you.


Oh Carmen, I'm so sorry. I'm even sorrier that I'm giggling at the picture, since I'll bet it's not so funny to you.

He does look cute though!


Oh Carmen, this made me laugh so hard. I have a brand new bottle of Bushmills and I am willing to share.


I hate to say this, but that's how my son's hair looked when I cut it the first time (I did take the mohawk off quickly).

My grandmother told my parents never to let me "do that to that young man again." I still cut his hair -- he still doesn't sit still -- and you know, I drink enough for it not to matter.

Just think -- he'll love his hat for Christmas, since that head will be COLD.


Yikes! Not laughing, not laughing at all...much.

I have mangoes in my fridge, want a daiquiri?


I COMPLETELY understand. My oldest daughter gave my youngest daughter a "Vampire" haircut two days before Christmas pictures last year!! I still had their pictures taken for future blackmale use!!!

Kathy B. in West Texas

OH DEAR! that must of been the scream I heard yesterday!

Will they let him in school w/ a mohawk? I've read a few times where kids got mohawks and the school made them change it. Hope everything turns out OK.


Oh boy. Oh my. giggle. I'm feeling bad for you (giggle) over here but ummmm (snortgiggle) oh my. heeheeheehee
Boys, gotta love em!


Sorry to hear about the hair cut. (giggling) Last December we took my son into get his hair cut. Told the stylist that we wanted a bowl cut. She repeated to us bowl cut. We got a bald cut instead. He was shaved for almost a month after that. I have to agree with Patricia, he did love his winter hat.


I laughed outloud at this!!!!! GREAT blog!


OK, I take it back. Maybe you should hide all sharp instruments and tools that can do harm... .


*snortgiggles* loudly.. omg omg omg omg omg omg


*sending 1 bottle of vodka to Carmens house*


carmen - I dont mean to laugh....but oh my goodness.......

The Veg Next Door

OMG! I hope you got to leave the house last night and had some alone time. Wow!


This is my first visit to your blog and I'm speechless. Laughing, but speechless.

My visit was prompted by Headless Mom's blog, who has left a birthday wish for you on your blog. So, Happy Birthday!

Emily C

Wow. What a night.

I have to laugh, though, because my husband shaves his head every winter. Yeah, why in the winter? I don't know. But once it turns cold, the clippers come out every other week to take all the hair off. Again.

Headless Mom

I'll buy. Margaritas for your BIRTHDAY!

Have a spectacular day my friend.


Oh. My. Word. I have 3 boys and I have had days like this where you just throw up your hands to heaven and scream, "Why me? Why...why...why...why...."

I am so glad I am not alone! Isn't it fun being a Mom?


Please tell me you've already taken the photos for your Christmas cards. Uh-oh.


Hee Hee. It will grow out. My son came home from baptist church camp with a mo-hawk. He was 15 but it was still a mo-hawk.


My 7 year old son desperately wants a mohawk. I'm trying to put him off until after the holidays. Cause I'm a selfish mean mom who likes nice pictures.

Also you are more than welcomed to my liquor cabinet but I have to warn you, I'm on day 14 of 21 of being home alone with my 5 (husband was on business travel for a week, now on MBA international session. He's in Brazil!!!). So yeah, there may not be much left to share.

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