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You got inked? Wow!
I don't think I'd ever be able to decide what to get if I had the nerve to get one....


You're a braver woman than I (or is that crazier?), yikes! A tatoo!


Love it!! :) Self-expression is good for the soul.


Is it like your flowers?! One heart for each kid and the hubby?
Love it!


I like! The neck seems like it would be painful, but I guess not really compared to delivering 6 kids, right? Good for you and have a great time!


Hmmm. No one has a comment about my hometown hospitality????

Cool on the inking.


I really like it!! Glad you're having a good time so far :)

Debby Pucci

The best pizza is Gino's East or West. But there are others too. I'm from Chicago and you it is the best! There are some awesome thin crust ones too. Tat looks great!


Hope you have a good time! The ink is pretty, you're braver than I am!


The best Pizza is UNO or DUE or Gino's as previously said. Better yet if you're going to order in go Thai! Star of Siam is wonderful! The BEST Italian is Rosebuds or Carmine's. The best Cheeseburgers are Johnny Rockets and the best hot dogs are The Wieners circle.


Well my dear, those people that have helped you prove that there are still those in the world that will help you for no other purpose than helping out a stranger. Excellent. Well done Hop and Douglas and dude who showed you to your hotel. As they expression goes, Pay it Forward. I hope the rest of your trip goes as well.


I vote for the Russian Tea House by the art museum. Did the ink hurt?


For Pizza go to Gino's. Since you're sans kids completely skip The Disney Store and American Girl. I know there are some nice tasteful grown up girl stores in Chi town though. When I was there on one of my mommy weekends I know I small troop visited it ;) Enjoy Carmen!


for sure hit gino's for pizza. go early as the line will form out the door way.

have fun!!

oh and i'm jealous that you got another tattoo. i'm still breast feeding, so i won't be ablt to get another one for at least 6 months. i already have 3 and trying to figure out what i want and where next time. oh and the last time i got a tattoo was on my honeymoon in maui last year. hubby and i both got the same tattoo.


girl you are FIERCE! Neck tattoos!! What did your mom say? b/c mine would totally kick my ass. {yes, I am 40 k? but she still would kick my ass.}

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