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Thank you so much for the updating. All the regular bloggers I read are in Chicago and I'm missing you all!
You should call the Sheraton customer service 800 number. Room service trays and wet carpet is nuts, not to mention the internet issues. My B-I-L has very good luck getting free stays after bad stays.
Have fun!


Speed dating? What's that all about?

Young Wife

Sorry about the housekeeping and internet. Sounds like you're having a great time. Thanks for sharing.


I so envy you, blogheriffic GLAMGIRL!


No excuse for the Poor service at the Hotel... They are in the Hospitality Business and you were not the only Convention they have handled...


What a cute pic of us! We need to start a girl band.

And holy hell, how ever did I miss a chance for massages? That might have made a lot of difference.


See, I missed seeing you, never found Liz or Kristen and couldn't even remember what Loralee looked like. Gah. :)

I had one small cupcake, but they were tasty. I could have had way more. I got one small thing for each kid, so that is good. The rest I gave away. I had no internet at all...oh one time in the lobby, in the middle of the day. And my cell would send me texts like five hours later. I kept saying to people, what do you mean, wake you for breakfast, we just had lunch...yeah it was lovely.

And, I didn't meet you. :(

But thank you for the link. I am glad so many people liked my post. I had no clue what it would mean to many people.

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