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Headless Mom

You rock it HARD! Love it!


Awesome!! You both did great!


You did good! You knuckhead! yeah, you got knocked down but you got up and kept going. Boy, that was good.


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I am VERY IMPRESSED Carmen! Wow! Good job!


You both were wonderful!


Thanks for sharing! Two comments -

1. I knew I was feeling a little raw today, but confirmed it when I completely choked up hearing one of your kids (or more) cheering you on. That is fanTAStic and well worth you going through with it right there.

2. Man, a minute is a LONG time! I was SO impressed.


First, well done! And secondly, where do you get the guts to do that? I would be quaking in my boots. Next time you think you can't do something, remember this day. You kick ass girl!


Amazing! I have this sudden urge to go punch something. Hard.
Great job!

Young Wife

Wow! That's so cool. Yeah, I'd be nervous too.

Liz in Seattle

Excellent! Endurance drills are tough. I sparred for the first time last week (TKD), and I was dripping by the end of it. You go girl, and I'll see you on the black belt side :-)


Believe it or not, I'm an orange belt in TKD. My husband and I did it together. We had to quit for financial reasons - but NOTHING made me sweat more. And the legitimate reason I can say that my husband has kicked me to the ground more times than I can count without him getting arrested ;) I love listening to your daughter (I think) cheering you on. "C'mon Mom! Knees! Knees!"


Carmen, this is amazing!!! Great job!

And your hair is so pretty, even if you are just testing, I love it, its so shiny!

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