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Headless Mom

Bravo, Sister! Well done.


Not a bad run, all in all. There is no price you can put on getting away - no matter what you getting away from. The quiet time to choose to have no sound. Aaahhh....


Wonderfully said Carmen. Thank you!


Sounds like how to do BlogHer.

Julie @ The Mom Slant

C, you know you're always on my A-list. I really missed seeing you this year. Next year, for sure. There'll be no keeping me away from New York.

Amy {Mom Spark & Mom Made That!}

Good for you, Carmen. It's interesting to read from someone who has attended before '09, thanks for sharing. :)

Lori at Spinning Yellow

This is exactly how I felt about Blogher this year. I, too, decided to use the time for me. I like the conference, the panels, & the swag, but doing my own thing, & talking for more than 5 seconds with people is the heart of the Blogher conference. I thoroughly enjoyed talking with you and I look forward to next year, where I plan to do it just like this, again.


i think that's great! i'm really excited for next years and i plan on being there.. planning as in i am saving NOW. :) we all need time away for ourselves and i love what blogher gives us- time with people we consider friends outside of the computer. :) SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!


Sometimes a little alone time is more healing than anything else in the world. I have a convention next month and I can't wait, simply because I get some alone time. Balm to the soul.


I am so happy to have met you, too! It was really awesome to find some downtime with a friend during that otherwise manic weekend. Let's find a way to grab another quiet coffee in NYC next year!


Well, I consider you an A-lister. At least in my book -- I stopped reading the "A-listers" long ago but I still like reading about your life and am inspired how you take care of yourself. I totally get the alone-time thing, and am glad you had plenty while in Chicago.


Oh Carmen gross! I think you just became a grown-up! Lol...I am kidding of course. I am so glad that you got some time to be alone and I think that it's wonderful that you realize how much you deserved it. Bravo!

Karen Sugarpants

I'm thrilled you got what you wanted out of the conference. I did too and a lot of us veterns seem to have felt the same way - like we went with really no expectations and had fun doing what we wanted.
It was awesome getting quality time with you. You are fantastic, lady.

Young Wife

Sounds awesome! I love it when you can leave a party exactly when you want to. It so rarely happens. Reading, making friends, eating yummy food. Sounds like a great conference.


I know just how you feel. I'm glad you had the blogher experience you needed! I really enjoyed meeting you at Thursday's event.

Tresha Thorsen

being true to you...it doesn't get any better. huggin you for sharing...time and again when i stop looking to externals for any sense of identity, purpose, validation, whatevah...i reconnect with me :) as you said so well. grateful to hear you had a fulfilling wknd...:)


Nice Post..

Mommy Cracked

This is a great post. And not that it matters, but I totally consider you an A list blogger.


Way behind on reading - but just wish to say, I love your writing...and your realness. I hope to meet you irl someday.
Glad you had such a blissful blogher time. :D

workout mommy

Sounds like you had a great experience! I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to talk more, I really wanted to sit down and chat with you. The next time I'm in your area, I'm coming over! :)


Very nicely done. I think that "rush rush rush" would be the part I wouldn't enjoy. I like people, and I like meeting people but I like talking to people not just "oh I forgot your name and everything about you because I only talked for 2minutes, next!" :)


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