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Looks divine! I don't usually use that word but it seems appropriate here :)


Wow, are these from Chicago or are they (I know they could not possibly be) local?


I am addicted to these things everytime we travel I scope if there is a location I know there are locations in St. Louis and Dallas.

becky d.

LUSH is fabulous!! my fave is the Comforter bubble bath "bar" -- and, the pieces are huge, and you can use like a 1/4 of it and have an hour + of bubbles in the tub! woo!


Wow, everything looks good enough to eat!

Young Wife

Oh, my goodness! How fun! Everything looks fabulous.


I love Lush! Unfortunately it was one of my luxuries that I had to give up to help our budget. I heard their new vanilla line is heavenly. One day I am actually going to go to a Lush store. Have you smelled their "Honey I washed the kids"? Smells like a milky way bar. So yummy.


I love Lush's products! I have a friend who worked there for about a year and I couldn't resist going to visit her at work. However she stopped working there and I stopped shopping there because of a charity that they support who's actions we're morally opposed to *sigh*.

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