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I am sooooo unprepared for this. But? I will be there on Thursday around noon. I will be the one hiding behind the plants.

Debby Pucci

Have a wonderful time.


Hi Carmen, I live in the Chicago 'burbs. I won't be at Blogher but I hope you have a terrific time here. Enjoy some pizza and party on!


I love Facebook too. Yesterday I found a friend that I have not talked to since High School, and in this moment of happiness I will even admit that high school grad was 25 years ago. Have a great time at Blog-her and take lots of pics.


I love that "I'm still a girl, I checked" cause I totally can identify with that. I wouldn't mind if flowers showed up but I don't go pining for them, I like jewelery but it's only for the resale value.


I so cannot believe that you are going to miss the wonderful VA humidity this weekend. BRAT!

Have a great time!


If you ever make it up to DC, stop at Georgetown Cupcake. The cupcakes are to die for, although admittedly pricy. I tell myself, that as a cancer survivor, I'm worth it--every time I fork over the money. LOL

Check out their website--




Have a great time! I have a funny (I think) flower story. I am not much for flowers as I don't think they are worth the money. Then, one Valentine's Day, DH came home with a fabulous bouquet of two dozen red roses with baby's breath and I honestly melted just a little with the sweetness of it despite the fact it was flowers - before he said "One of the women in my office got two of these today and figured she'd better only bring one home, so she thought you might like this one!" Apparently I got flowers from a two-timer I hadn't even met!

Young Wife

Have a great time in Chicago! I like chocolate, but I'll take any baked good over chocolate candy any day.

Tresha Thorsen

hey gal. i found your blog and came here to say hey. sorry i missed you at blogher and hope to get to next year's...meanwhile so glad you went and enjoying reading peep's summaries and such. stay in touch. hugs...

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