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Number one reason is someone has already said what I planned on saying, usually.

In the bigger picture, I've been reading since blogs were diaries or online journals. I guess I still don't feel like a blog is a conversation.

If I feel strongly enough about a post, I might make a comment, but again, one of the reasons you listed almost always is a factor.

Not commenting could also stem from a lifelong feeling that what I have to say is probably not important/funny/clever enough to add. Also, I've had a few experiences where I thought what I had to say was very important, but it got no response from the blogger and/or other commenters.

It's a dilemma, because I do know how much writers enjoy comments.


I usually have a couple of reasons for not commenting:
I have to get up and go do something, like get paper out of the baby's mouth and...
I forget to come back to comment.

Sometimes I feel like my response is immature compared to what everybody else is saying, or just typing in "hahahahaha" and "lol/lmao/lmfao/I just died laughing" gets old.

I don't have a blog but I hate asking about something on Facebook and everybody just ignores it. Hence, I am trying to be better about commenting.


I like having comment replies emailed to me because then I am sure to see them, BUT I think it fosters a better sense of community if replies are in the comments section. So, in other words, I don't know.

I usually fail to comment because I want to compose my comment in my head first and then I get distracted. That or I actually have nothing to say. But usually? Distracted.


#1 reason?
I read at work through google reader, which shows up on browsing trend reports as harmless browsing. If I click through to comment? It registers as me wasting my time on non work related sites.


My number one reason would be I got side tracked. Which is also why I sometimes show up on site meter as being on someones site for 90 minutes. Ha

Also sometimes I think that no one wants to hear what I have to say, so I just don't bother.

Debby Pucci

I do love every comment I get. I imagine if I got 215 comments each day like some people it has to be difficult to read all of them but I still want you to leave a comment. Sometimes I just can't think of anything to say. Sometimes the post is way over my head and I would look foolish. I try really hard to comment to every blog I read and I spend about six hours each day reading blogs. Here is something I need to know, am I supposed to comment to every comment I receive. So many are noreply and I don't think they go back, or do they? I do get all my comments sent to my email.
I never read them from below the post.

Headless Mom

I actually comment a lot-both because I love getting comments, and because I hope to start a conversation of some sorts. I prefer getting a direct response to comments because I rarely go back to read comments again if I've already commented. Although, for my own blog, if there seems to be a question that I should address to all, then I will add something in the comments. My #1 for not commenting? Usually because it's a 'big' blogger and I know that I will be ignored.

Audrey  at Barking Mad!

I am really bad at commenting, especially on posts where there is already a plethora of comments because I feel like I don't have anything original to add and to just rephrase, but basically repeat what everyone else has already said would be a tad insulting.


I rarely comment because I think: "she doesn't know me; why would she care what I think?"

And now I'm sitting here deciding whether to erase my comment!


Many of those reasons sound just like me. I also don't like to comment when you have to sign in through blogger because I comment through my blog account but had my reader account long before I had a blog so they are different and switching is a PITA so I just don't very often.

As for responses, I prefer emails for follow up because I almost never go back to read the comments after I've commented.


Well because this came up in the past couple of days; to vote for you on that "other" site I had to register over there, and I will probably never ever go there again. That is one of the issues with leaving comments; the worry of getting a billion pieces of spam sent your way.

Every once in awhile you guys from South of the Border will make a U.S. reference, to a store or some such, and it will make no sense to me as a Canuck. It does sometimes strike my fancy to ask but we all hate that "I am the only one who doesn't know the answer" feeling.

Have you googled yourself lately? These days we very often leave an electronic trail of our comments throughout the internet. Our little thoughts and tidbits scattered here and there. I try not to be totally paranoid about such things but every once in awhile the possibility of identity theft and somebody linking up all my little pieces of information gives me the willies.


I am guilty of 2, 4, 7, 8, 9, and 10.



I prefer people comment right on my blog...but I'm just as guilty as everyone else of not commenting, and 95% of the reason is Google Reader. I keep thinking I scroll back and comment after I've read all the other blogs on my list, but I suffer a massive case of FAIL at that.


I don't comment enough because someone has written what I was thinking beautifully. Sometimes it's difficult for me to articulate something. And honestly I don't think that what I have to say or add is all that important.


Mine is usually because I am reading through a feed reader. I only comment if I really love a post or it moves me in some way.


I love comments on my blog. I love commenting on other people's blogs. But I admit, I read so many blogs, have 3 websites to take care of & my daughter pulling on my arm when i do read... that I don't always have time. So if all i've got to say to a blogger who has a plethora of comments is the same as everyone else... i skip it. if I feel like I have something new to say or add. i say it no matter my amount of time. And sometimes (these are the WORST reasons) it's because my mama taught me if I can't say something nice, don't say anything at all AND because really, when i started to read a post... I just felt UUGGHHH!! And skipped the post. I know... HORRIBLE!! But it's true. I do try to make sure I comment on all the blogs I follow a few times in a month, just to remind them i am around and still reading. :):)
As for how you should respond to comments... That's up to you. :) I'd love an email... but OH MY. I know how busy people are... so i would expect I must have said something very important to get an email about a comment I made. :) Otherwise, i do love to see how bloggers respond in the comments section... Lets me feel like they really do read them. But i admit... I don't go back to see if maybe just maybe they left a comment about my comment... maybe I should? hhhmmmm... Now you've got me thinking. :)


If I fail to comment, it's usually because I'm running late for something or the phone rings. Reading blogs is a hobby for me and I sometimes worry that it takes over my real life.


I am a former blogger because comments from strangers freaked me out. I try to comment on a weekly basis on my faves (like here) but not every post, so that my comments are interesting. Some blogs I read because of the comments section!

I don't like responses in the comments, because after I leave my comment, I don't go back and read the rest. If a response is warranted, an email or a mention in the next post is fine. I think I'd find an email for every comment to be a little stalker-ish, but you did email me once and I felt like a star.


Reasons I don't comment on your post or other bloggerst that I love to read(:

I’m short on time (what else is new)

I agreed with everything you said and didn’t want to just post “I agree!”

You already had 100 comments and I didn’t want to read them all to make sure I wasn’t repeating or missing something important


I don't feel like I have anything interesting or clever to say, usually. I guess I'm just boring :(


I usually feel like I'm butting in. However, I do love to read!


Many times I start out writing a comment that is sharing a pertinent story regarding my kids, but then I delete it all because it seems too long-winded or I am worried the tone will read different from my intention. I do find that writing it even if I don't post it is cathartic in some way.


I typically don't comment on blogs that get dozens and dozens of comments or if I have commented over and over and the person doesn't acknowledge my existence in any way. I'll still read, but I'm less apt to comment. Not because I feel like I'm "punishing" them but because I just feel like they may not value my comment much or really need it. (I'm trying not to sound snotty. I'm not offended (usually) by these people. Does this make sense?)

Regardless, if the post makes me want to say something, I will say it regardless. I generally don't leave negative comments though. Also, Blogger blogs with the embedded comment form don't let me comment from the Firefox, so I'm less likely to comment there.

And I prefer emails as opposed to replies in the comment section, but I certainly don't expect them from everyone every time or even most of the time.

Also, I'm wildly inconsistent.


Honestly, I don't comment a lot, or at all for some of the blogs I read, for many of the reasons mentioned above. Usually, it is because I either completely agree with what everyone else has said, or I just don't have any good advice to give. Also, sometimes my inner (or not so inner, as the case may be) dork leaps out and starts typing and then I think maybe I should go back into hiding. :) I am trying to be better at, participating, I guess?, with the comments, but I find I am even shy online so sometimes it is hard. Oh, and did I mention the dork thing? Heh.

Patty M.

I don't comment on blogs often because I do not know any of the bloggers I read and always wonder if they think it's odd that a stranger is commenting on their blog. How's that for making sense?

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