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De-lurking b/c I have serious dishwasher envy - that looks like a great machine! I am glad that your days of dishpan hands are over ...


Yeah! Isn't it great to know that you've got a brand new dishwasher? Definitely one less thing to worry about for a while.


Been there done that on the how hard can it be to install thing! Though your 6 hours beats our experience hands down, it wasn't so much the time it took as the unexpected need for hacksaws for removing copper piping and cutting all those extra holes in the kitchen cabinetry.

But hey, new dishwasher! Yay! :-)

Jenn E

I hope your count stays at 1. Enjoy your new dishwasher. Mine is making weird noises. Even though I only have three kids the sippy cups and bottles are horrific. Hubby will be going out the same day if our dishwasher bites it.


YAY!!! it took my hubbie 2.5days to completely install my new dishwasher, one of our obsticles was the floor was tiled only to the point of the old washer so there was tile cutting, and those words you know the ones....


Since I have a non-husband who doesn't do ANYTHING repair wise, I decided to install MY new dishwasher last year. My mom bought it as a "birthday gift" because mine died. I was in the same position for hours and hours. Had to visit walmart well after midnight - took the oldest with me. I was able to do everything I could possibly do on my own - finally had to call in my neighborhood "fix it" friend who did some "real" plumber kind of stuff that I would not have been able to do. I felt defeated because I wanted to do it ALL BY MYSELF... but there was something I just couldn't do. At least I knew WHERE to get help. Just this week I fixed my oven on my own and did the "I don't need no stinkin man" dance all over the house." Woop woop!


Hey, I just blogged about appliances! But in our case, it's a brand-new upright freezer that I've been lusting over and nagging Aaron for a year about.

I can't IMAGINE doing all the dishes from your house by hand. I think I'd end up giving each kid one set of dishes and calling it good. Do you have a color for each one?


Here's to modern conveniences! Congrats on the newest addition to the family!


Does yours play a pretty little tune when it is done? I only ask 'cause mom just got a new one (LG too) and it scares the bejebus out of me every time it finishes the cycle!


We are breaking cars over here for 2010. We own three and so far in the last month all three have broken.

Glad you got a new dishwasher!


Woohoo a new dishwasher!!


i can think of a couple of possibilities as to why your dishwasher was flooding like that and yet briefly stopped after your husband pulled it out, but i suppose it doesn't matter now...

so enjoy the new one! LG tends to make a solid product.


I am a mechanic. I take apart diesel engines with hundreds of parts, and can put it all back together again. But I will never ever mess with a dishwasher! They are evil! You did good to get a new one, more money, yes, but far less aggrivation!


rather looking for some to fix it. i guess buying a new was good idea.click here

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