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Ugh. One of my worst triggers is bright lights in my eyes. It's become an instant reflex for me when someone picks up a flashlight to say, "DO NOT FLASH THAT IN MY EYES."

I've been given the relpax, but frankly, I don't like the side effects. It makes me feel kinda shaky all over and a bit nauseous. 600-800 mgs of advil usually get rid of it just as well if I catch it early enough. Do you get the "aura" that tells you one is coming on? Waking up w/ one is THE WORST because you've probably already missed the window of opportunity for meds.

Nelson's Mama

I get migraines just before or after I start; I have them for 3 or 4 days. Other triggers are alcohol, changes in weather and stress. And honestly, sometimes I get them for reasons that I am unable to pin down.

Mine begin in my neck and usually stay on one side - thought for years that I had neck trouble 'til I was diagnosed about four years ago. They became so frequent and debilitating that I began taking Topamax.

Topamax has been a life-saver, it helps me manage and get my migraines under control faster and help me to have them less often.


I have to sleep mine off. I usually heat my neck wrap thing, fold it in half and lay in bed with it on my forehead (usually whole face though, because it just feels better). Nothing else really works for me.


Migraines. I discovered today that my medication last year totalled $4300. Thank god for insurance, as I only paid $800. I have migraines that are mostly caused by a condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia- a nerve in my head that goes from the right side of my head across my cheek and gives me pain suddenly. Kind of like an ice cream headache, just way worse.

I take pain killers when I get them, until my Zomig Rapidmelt works. To prevent them I use Topamax.

Triggers: Chocolate, sleeping too much, not getting enough sleep, hormones, bbq sauce, msg, perfumes/strong smells, stress.

I go in my room if I can while I pray for it to go away, with the curtains closed and a cloth over my eyes. My husband calls me a vampire as I don't like the light.

I tell my kids that I am not responsible for anything I say or do while I have a migraine as I don't remember everything afterwards sometimes.

It is surprising just how many people have migraines. And it is sad how much time out of our lives is ruined because of them.


I get them from the old birth control pills. They just started me on a new one that hasn't triggered one yet (1 month). We'll see what happens next month. I usually take the meds and go to bed. I usually stay in bed until the next day. My husband is very willing to hold down the fort as I only take the pills since he won't get the cut. :)


I never had migraines til I became pregnant at age 33 thru IVF. The migraines cont after the babies were born are still hanging on at age 41. My migraine triggers are typically hormones & smells. Artificial sweeteners don't cause mine but will exacerbate situation if pain has started. Oral contraceptives increased the frequency. I dont't take those anymore. Bath & Body Works, Arbonne, Molten Brown products put me into a pukey, head throbbing fit. Anything like a roller coaster/ carnival ride will set me into a migraine madness. I get the aura of weirdness, visual flashes, sound intensity, nausea. My first line of defense is 3 ibuprofen pushed by caffeine-without artificial sweetner. If possible a nap. When nap is not possible or effective, I turn to Imitrex. It works, however I need about an hour of downtime before I can function again. Pain stops but nausea stays, bleh! I only get one about every other month since stopping the pill.I had one Sat morning & started today- bleh again. Good luck-maybe the migraines are related to intense hormones causing conditions for extreme bleeding/ ablation?


My most common trigger is hormonal. But changing my sleep patterns, red wine, and some atmospheric changes can cause them. I take Imitrex, and if I take it soon enough, it works fairly well. For some reason it gives me a stiff neck, though. If I wait too long, I feel uck...light headed, not all of the headache goes away, and I yawn a lot.
Sometimes it helps to sleep it off. Sometimes I get one while I'm sleeping and then sleeping doesn't help.

Migraines are the only reason I'm looking forward to menopause!!


Imitrex gives me a stiff neck too- like instant flu ache.


Could caffeine withdrawal be the cause?


I have found that light is a HUGE trigger for me. I loose my vision in stores sometimes.

For the last few months I haven't had any...and I have NO idea why. I wish I had some idea so I could continue to avoid them, but I really don't know.

My doctor had recommended some tinted glasses...(I think she suggested purple tint).

They are such a beast, aren't they? Geesh!

Twenty Four At Heart

Yes, I get them. I pop 3 Advil the second I feel one coming on. If possible I lay down in a dark room and moan. I take another 3 advil a few hours later. The migraine drugs make me feel sick so I stick to advil. It doesn't make a dent in the pain till I get at least 6 in my system. Mine are mainly hormonal but a change in my sleep patterns, and alcohol can sometimes trigger them also. Ugh!


I have no idea what triggers them for me. I don't get them enough to really care. I do get migraine aura often and I just suffer through that, but if it turns into an actual migraine I take two ibuprofen and two diphenhydramine (Benadryl). So far it's never failed to stop the migraine.

I do get migraine-like symptoms from most fumes, such as gasoline, gasoline exhaust, adhesives, and perfumes, but I don't think they're actual migraines; it's just that fumes often contain compounds that have an adverse effect on the nervous system. It's always a good idea to avoid them, migraine or not.


I get PMS Migraines, and I am fortunate enough to be able to work from home on those days, or call in and then make up my time. As soon as I wake up and look around I know if today is going to be a good day or a bad day, and usually the only thing that works is a perocete and ice on my eyes and a dark room. It sucks eggs!


I used to have migraines and PMS headaches. Definitely hormone related but also exacerbated by light, smells and diet- caffeine and salt being the two biggies, followed by red wine.
I have been making some major dietary changes over the years and things have improved drastically. I highly recommend using a green drink in lieu of caffeine. My favorite is by Bio Organics. It gives me energy and doesn't tick off my hormone balance.


I get migraine headaches each and every month right on time, right along with its friend. They are horrible and very little works to make the pain away. Because they are hormone related, no one is willing to give me anything to treat them.

Michele D

The mega migraines have always been triggered by stress. Lots of stress. I cannot function. I have to lay down and any noise is horrible. I feel so horrible to people like you who suffer them on a regular basis. It's so painful.


I'm so sorry you had another headache!! :( I don't suffer from migraines (my stomach does it's own migraine thing) so I can't help. But I can tell you I'm sorry, I feel for you and wish I had some great words of wisdom! Just remember that after Weds. you just might have two problems solved - hang in there!


i take topamax daily and maxalt when i still get one. the topamax has helped a lot. i was getting 6-8 a month before that. my triggers are hormonal, stress, light, humidity, change in weather, some foods (like with a lot of preservetives)a lot of lunch meats and sometimes who knows what.


My husband used to get terrible migraines. Tried just about everything. Then someone told him that onions can trigger them. Gave up onions and no more headaches. I know that sounds crazy but it worked for him. After I typed that I thought how odd it does sound.


I get migraines and can well relate to the pain, but I also get cluster headaches which are treated differently, and at the beginning, it is hard to tell which type of headache I'm getting.

I've tried several migraine meds and since I have the above difficulty in telling which type of headache I've got, I always had trouble taking the pills early enough to be of benefit.

It was easy enough to stop drinking red wine, which was a trigger, but barometric pressure and pollen are triggers for me and it's pretty impossible to avoid those.

A couple of years ago they came out with a med called Zomig that you can take after you already have a migraine that will get rid of it. This has been an absolute lifesaver to me. I would kill for my Zomig!


I'm not sure if what I get are migranes or not. I do have blurred vision/auras, nausea, severe pain, sensitivity to light and sound, and that hung over feeling afterwards, but my boss's daughter has migranes so bad she had to be home schooled her senior year and has been to a number of neurologists to try and find the cause, so I hesitate to call mine migranes. My headaches respond fairly well to Excedrin migrane. They also seem to have a sinus component, and I've found that a Claritin-D in combination w/ the Excedrin works wonders. I recently went back on the pill and have been having horrible ones since (need to make a Dr's. appt.), I am also triggered by strong perfumes, dehydration, lack of sleep (although it seems like the insomnia and the migranes are linked somehow, like I want to sleep, can't, and then end up with a migrane to boot!), lack of caffiene, etc. Long drives also seem to be problematic. I did some googling and I think that there are some iPhone apps and Blackberry apps to help you track your headaches and the triggers. Good luck to you!


Caffine withdrawl, cranberries, red wine and hormonal are my most consistent triggers.

I have been through a few different meds, and currently have a set that works well and allows me to still function, just not drive.


I FEEL FOR YOU! Mine were also {partially} caused by hormones. Each of the 3 times I was pregnant I got a migraine almost EVERY.DAY. And as you know, there isn't much you can take at that time, so those were longest months of my life. The only thing that worked for me was SLEEP.
The lack of caffeine could be an issue for you too though, I had BAD caffeine withdrawl headaches :-/ I hope you start to feel better soon!


I feel for you. I used to (knock on wood) get migraines with flashing lights, tunnel vision, and weird squiggly lines that wouldn't even allow me to keep my eyes open. I couldn't see a thing when it happened and my head felt like it was in a vice. Once I figured out that my thyroid was completely out of whack--for many undiagnosed years--they've almost stopped. Now I'll get a bad headache if sounds are at a certain pitch or if the sun reflects off of something and hits my eye just right. It's not often but it does happen.

Your post yesterday encouraged me to call my Dr. to discuss ablation. Thank you for sharing your personal information in regards to this procedure. I look forward to reading about your recovery. Best of luck.


I just started having the teensiest, baby migranes this year, and don't really know why. Probably dehydration, or maybe hormones (3rd baby this year). Caffeine helps, too.

They don't incapacitate me, but they are plenty uncomfortable. The upside? I can now empathize better with those unfortunate to be plagued by REAL migraines. Yowzers is all I can say.

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