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Carmen, hope you are well and resting! I will be thinking of you.


Carmen, I hope you heal quickly and painlessly!

Leftofordinary (aka Cookie)

I'm thinking of you Carmen. I hope your recovery is a smooth one. *mwah*


Sending you lots of good healing and REST vibes!


Best wishes to a speedy recovery! We miss you Carmen! :)


Take care and rest Carmen. Best wishes.


Take care and rest Carmen. Best wishes.


Rest, Relax and Rewine. Yes, Re-wine. It's integral to healing! Hope your recovery is uneventful and swift!

Debby Pucci

Sending prayers your way, rest and feel better soon.

(Great job Headless Mom, there is a reason she trusted you for this)


REST UP! It's important! All good recovery thoughts coming your way!


Hope you're up and about soon, Carmen. (And hope you're husband hasn't found anymore infomercial products to buy...)


Speedy Recovery, Carmen! And accept all the offers of help you get, even when you think you're OK!


Hope you get some R&R & relief .Use this time as an excuse to lounge in bed and read the rest of the Sara Donati series :)


Take care, Carmen! This is a good opportunity to do all those lazy things you don't normally have time for, so enjoy it!

Young Wife

Get well soon, Carmen! Nice to meet you, Headless Mom.

Tracy D

Rest and get well soon! Sending healing thoughts your way!


Take care of yourself! Fell better.


Praying for a comfortable and speedy recovery!


Here's to hoping you get fun drugs for the recovery :)


You're in my thoughts. Hope you're able to get some rest.


Carmen, wishing you all the best. Take care of yourself.

Mama Cas

Rest! Take the pain meds if you need to! We'll be here when you return! I'll stop shouting now so you can get some sleep!


Praying for you!


Glad to hear all went well! I hope that by the time you brush off that anesthesia you are feeling good and recovering fabulously!


Thinking of you Carmen, really you've got ot get back, it's hard to picture a screamer if she's headless?:)

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