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Not much I can add to all the great comments above, except: If ONLY it was so simple that staying home with your kids equalled kids with no problems!!

Ouida Gabriel

I am with Addy who said tell them to "Piss off", except Piss was not my the word I had in mind.

I had someone do a cowardly thing recently. It bothered me for days and especially after I responded to them. At this point though, I really don't care anymore. You shouldn't care what the knucklehead in your life said either. Just go about your business and ignore them. That is how I live my life for the most part. I used to suck up and ask for forgiveness - even when I didn't know what I did wrong. Now I do my own thing. How do others know what God tells you to do? They don't. God wanted you to be a stay at home mom but He didn't say it would be easy. I hope the person that offended you understands that.

Ouida Gabriel


I get the opposite comments....my son has problems because I work outside the home. If I had just stayed home with him like a good mom would, he would have been fine. Um, LD, ADD, ODD, etc. etc. are not exactly conditions that magically go away. They are kind of BORN with your child. Urgh. Hang in there. You ARE a good mom.

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