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Making excuses
WASHING laundry (ack @ dry & fold & put away)
Queen of sarcasm

probably not what you had in mind so....

1 People trust me, I'm proud of being honest to a fault

2 I'm the eye of the storm, calm & collected no matter what rages on around me

3 Can be counted on, when it COUNTS. Meet up for chit chat @ Starbucks = FAIL .. but your dog dies, house burns down, kids are sick, lose your job? I'm THERE.

4 Possibly world's best listener, unless it's 40 min past bedtime & you're asking me your 43rd question!!

5 OK four is all I can do because for #5 I just kept thinking I'm pretty humble & it was hard enough discussing the four! This was TOUGH!

I'm thinking the "Real Housewives of Wherever" would have an ENDLESS list of strengths *EYE ROLL*

Miss Britt

I'm a good writer.

I'm brave.

I think most things are possible.

I'm really uncomfortable right now...


This is a good post. I struggle with listing my strengths too, because I've never been athletic or a good singer or possessed other easily identifiable talents. Let's see. Writing. Volunteering at animal shelters (is this really a strength?) Cooking...well I enjoy it, that doesn't make me good at it. I can eat!

I feel like my hobbies are not necessarily my strengths. And like you, I have a hard time taking compliments.

Spinning. My figure skating coach said I was a good spinner, but I think she was just being nice.


Sometimes I think it is a female/woman thing - this being difficult to accept a compliment or list our strengths. Men don't (overall)seem to have the same difficulty or second thoughts. I wonder if it's society's conditioning?

I'm amazed frequently at how others view me so differently from myself. A good friend from work chose to give her daughter my name because they wanted her to exhibit my qualities & then listed them! I can't remember what all they said since it was over 2 yrs ago. Ditto when my cousin wanted me to participate in her daughter's Simchat Bat.

Anyway, I have the same problem. My strengths?Um, can I get back with you on that? I can list my faults forever and ever.....

What I am good at:

1. I'm loyal to friends and family.
2. I follow directions well.
3. I'm willing to help out when asked.
4. I can sew, crochet, cross-stitch
5. I'm good at my job.

Jory Des Jardins

Oh boy--a toughie. Here we go. What I'm good at:

1. Making people comfortable. I've been told I'm good at this and it feels good to hear.
2. Improvising under pressure.
3. Conversation.
4. Writing--when I can really put some effort into it.
5. Dancing.

That was exhausting ;)

Burgh Baby

I had the exact same sort of moment at BlogHer. I was all "Thank you" when complimented by someone I adore, but just HAD to had, "You're a good liar." Why OH WHY do we have to shirk compliments? URGH!


okay, i did it! i didn't let myself stop until i had 7, but then i totally let myself delete them. which is fine because one of them was rather inappropriate and unfit for public declaration even if it is true. ;)


I wonder if it comes with age? I am probably 10 to 15 years older than you and most of your readers, and I am very comfortable listing the things I'm good at. I'm also very comfortable listing my faults, there are a few of those as well. And I love compliments, and just say thank you, even if I secretly think you must be smoking crack to say that! It's only come in my 40s, though. Before that, I was pretty uncomfortable.

Jenn E

Understanding others points of view.
Finding the humor in a bad situation.
I was a really good product trainer for the annuity company I worked for.
Standing up for myself.
Driving my husband nuts. ;-)

J from Ireland

Mmmm and here was me thinking it was an Irish thing not to be able to accept compliments. I am great at putting myself down in a funny way!!
So here are the things I am good at.
1. Art
2. A good friend
3. Baking
4. Somehow kids love me, kids are drawn to me ( this is a gift, right??)
5. A good listener.
Now if you asked my faults I would have no problem with this.

~ifer @ The Mind of ~Ifer

It is a tough thing to do, patting yourself on the back, and recognizing what you are good at... but so important....

1. Listening
2. Being sarcastic
3. Baking
4. Smiling
5. Organizing junk

Eduard @ People Skills Decoded

I enjoyed reading this article. It makes a lot of sense.

Confidence is one of my favorite traits, as I believe lack of confidence is one of the easiest ways to sell ourselves short. Confidence is in my view something which essentially comes from the inside. Its a reflection of the beliefs we use to interpret reality.

So confidence can be gained by changing our outer reality, by it is most often gained by changing our inner one.




I am forcing myself to do this. I think it is a great exercise in self knowledge but hard to put it out there.
1. good at planning/oraganizing events.
2. calm in a crisis
3. able to find humor in life/laugh at myself
4. flexible
5. generous


I'm not sure I can come up with five, but since I was thinking of Value and what and how we value ourselves the other day, I've already given this a bit of thought.
1. caring, loving
2. good listener
3. polite, sounds stupid to me, but something that seems to be disappearing
4. animal lover, this probably belongs with number 1.
5. Um, yeah. No clue.


I don't think it's bragging. I think it's self-aware to know what you are good at and what you need to work on.My top 5 skills are:
1.Persuasion-a job skill as well!
2.Public Speaking
3.Remembering little details
4.Face Painting
5.Finding the perfect gifts

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