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Wow! I may try this. I love ricotta, and this would be fantastic.

Btw - here's a yummy way to use ricotta - toast an English muffin. Top with the ricotta and then drizzle with honey. Lovely.


WOW!!! Who knew? I am going to try this..SOON!

Debby Pucci

I had no idea you could make that at home. It actually sounds pretty easy. I always buy it! Thank you for sharing.


Well I too had no idea it was so easy. But man it makes a bunch. I wonder how long it can keep in the fridge or will be be so yummy I wouldn't have to worry about it lasting? Thanks for the tip, I'm gonna try it.


Very very cool!!! I never would have thought to make it myself. I made lasagna last night. maybe next time?

Heather-Domestic Extraordinaire

this is awesome and I will def. be trying it.


Wow! I've got to try that. Although I always make eggplant parm with mozzarella. Someone I know made mozzarella awhile back and said that it was so expensive for the ingredients that he could have just bought it.

By the way, there's a typo in your directions. You had me wondering how in the world you could heat milk to 1705 degrees!

I wonder if this recipe can be halved?


The cast of characters... I love it! Megan made me think... can you make homemade mozz? Because I would so BUY that from you!


I can not wait to make this! It's like when I learned (easy peasy) how to make butter...while most would ask WHY? It just tastes SO much better. Especially using milk from a local dairy!



So did you stir, or not? I want to try but want a lower-fat version... bet it could be done. You're an inspiration!


Gotta make this! Did you stir? Any little helps would be great!


This really does look as if it's worth making at home, thanks for posting it. Also good to hear that the exact temperature obviously isn't totally crucial!

My favourite part was the bit about the too-small pan! I did that just last night!


It's SOOOO easy! I work in a cooking school...one of their classes is "Homemade Mozzarella". The instructor keeps telling people, "If you mess up the last step, don't worry! Instead of mozzarella, you have ricotta!"


as expensive as Ricotta cheese runs, I am shocked to know that it is this easy. WILL BE making this next time I have my stuffed shells

radii supras

Very, very nicely done!

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