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I really love this dress. It's the kind of dress I've always wished I were brave enough to wear. And if I lived closer to you, you might be in danger of it mysteriously disappearing from your closet....


And so I come here just to read you, and I see the polka dots, and I think, yay she chose the dress I liked, so I keep reading about how you tweeted about the dress, and I remember, and I smile, and then - hey that tweet looks familiar:) All in all it made for a lot of smiles. Smiles are good. Thank you. I look forward to seeing the dress, and you, at Blissdom.

Karen P

Cute dress. Now go and party!


Which night are you wearing this? I am SO not standing (or dancing) next to you...



Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

Love the dress!


AND that dress makes your waist look *this* big around, which is always a good thing!


VERY nice! I love the polka dots and the fact that it makes your waist very skinny!

bama cheryl

I love polka dots - they just always make me happy. The dress is awesome and so are you!


Perfect choice for the "tude".... Enjoy.

Average Jane

That is a fabulous dress!


Love love the dress!!! Have a great time and PARTY LIKE A ROCKSTAR! :-)

Jenn W

LOVE that dress!


Very retro and very cute! Have fun wearing it at Blissdom!


That dress! So cute! YOUR WAIST! So tiny!


Love the dress ! You look AMAZING !!


oh I love that dress!!!


LOVE the dress and you look amazing!


LOVE IT!!!!!! Where did u get it? I want one. Maybe it will motivate me!! Perfect choice! :)


you tee tiny in this dress. very pretty! be sure to have your hubby take you to dinner for valentines day, so you can wear this dress.


This dress is awesome--where did you get it?


Very sexy dress!

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