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Oh honey, this post makes me so happy for you. I was sad that we didn't get any pics of us at BlogHer. Work on that. ;)


Go get'em Tiger. I hope you have a wonderful time and lots and lots and lots of pictures as proof of your fabulous time.


This post speaks to me. While Im not doing the exact same things, I am rediscovering me. I paint my nails, I work out when I want to and gasp ... I say no somtimes. Simply wearing a necklace and bracelet ... those are the little things ... but just as important.


You GO girl!!! I keep hearing a song my mom sent to Heather and it speaks volumes to me: "I hope you dance." Because I never have. Just like you I sit out, afraid to look like a fool. No more. I think we've learned a lot from our fearless daughters.


I started selling Avon in September and it's total brought my girl back. :) I find I can totally get lost in the "it doesn't matter" because I live in a house full of boys. boys don't see these things (well sons don't) but now I see what I like.

Headless Mom

*big smile*






Good for you Carmen! I hope you have an awesome time. :-)


Good for you! Have a wonderful time and dance your heart out!


After my 6th kid, I vowed to bring "the sexy back" too, (but with my tubes tied, so their wouldn't be a 7th!)
I always shave, color my hair, wear matching panties/bras, paint my toes and nails (matching or at least coordinated), wear perfume (the good stuff) and keep my hair, makeup and clothes "current". It totally changed my attitude and now I do dance and sing and have so much fun, cause I'm worth it! Good for you Carmen!!!!


Yay for Carmen! Go you!


Good for you! Have fun dancing and singing on your way to fully reclaiming yourself. Loved Michele's article - thanks for sharing.


Excellent post Carmen! Have fun, what the hell, do NOT worry what others think ... most would wish they could be carefree like that! After I respond I'm going to read the link that you provided. I just wanted to tell you that I too decided to make some changes, to take better care of myself ... Shoot, I'm 46 freakin years and I felt I was starting to definately get that old hag look :) So got me some good eye stuff (gelly like) for the sleepy time, some ROC for day time and another tube for night time, and make an effort every stinkin moment to not leave the bathroom until I put on that lotion AND a coat of mascara. My girlfriend told me last week that I looked "dewy" ... I'm still smiling about that as I believe thats a good thing (oh, and getting the sexy back, bonus for all around as it certainly changes your attitude!) ...


I'm exactly the same way at the conferences. I'm fat. I hate my teeth. I can't afford new clothes, so I feel all frumpy. As you saw from my post, I'm trying to change that. In little ways. I'm glad it resonated with you. I also am not totally going to buy new panties to wear while I'm tapping. (My tap shoes arrive tomorrow, and my class starts in a week!)

Liz @thisfullhouse

Just wish I could go and do it all with you, just because, too!

Okay, not the singing part. Trust me!


Carmen? I have a photo of you and me. Taken at BlogHer. The night of the Sparkle party. It's a beautiful photo of you.

I fake it often. The having fun. When I look back though? I never regret it. In the end I realize I was having fun. I hope you have a blast at Blissdom.

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

Dance, sing, have a blast at Blissdom.
Knock'em dead.I wish I could go too!


I am so darned worried about living my life worrying about what everyone else thinks about me. Seriously. That they think i look fat or wear ill fitting clothing or move awkwardly. I don't know where it came from. Or the voices in my head for being real and honest and me. The indelible sense of failure so why bother trying AGAIN. Wondering why I can't be as comfortable in my own skin as other people appear to be. I'll follow you as you glide through it. Keep me posted and who knows maybe I'll jump off the cliff of self consciousness with you.


Over the last few months I've stocked up on pretty AND comfortable undies and just last week I tossed out all the ugly "practicaL" one sI was holding on to for no good reason. It was a very good choice!


I LOVE this post. I was talking to one of my girlfriends last week about this exact thing. I don't consider myself high maintenance, but I do feel as if I need to spend more time doing things that make ME feel sexy. If Nick finds them sexy too, then that is a bonus. It is very easy to let the "who cares anyway" mentality creep in to our busy schedules. But, it is so important to feel good about ourselves. It makes us better people. I went to Victoria's Secret yesterday and bought some new panties! This girl is bringing sexy back too!

Shellie McHenry

I, of course, have your blog bookmarked (makes lurking much easier). However, I am going to specifically bookmark this post. It is inspirational.I hope to be here one day.


we all want good changes, believe me

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