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Kelly H

I've tried really hard to be better and more consistent with compliments. Since I've gone through such a dramatic weight loss in the last year, my friends are always so complimentary when they see me. They always tell me how great I look or how cute my outfit is or how I'm doing such a great job. I try really hard to compliment them on at least one thing when I see them. It's not that I want it to be all about ME ME ME but I'm just not used to commenting about people and their appearance. But I know how great it makes me feel so I try to reciprocate when I can.


I want to compliment YOU on making that dress look so good! Dang, all that hard work pays off when something like that fits like a glove. Keep it up!

I want to compliment a friend who is dealing with some serious stuff. Her head is held high, she trusts in God and things are going to get better. She's handling it like a champ.

My hubby who is taking the reigns so I can enjoy a girls 4 night vacation in Vegas! He's awesome and so supportive.

Headless Mom

Thanks! Back atcha...

You, my friend, YOU are a great writer. There are very few bloggers that I discovered 'back in the day' that I still visit on a daily basis. I'd read you even if we weren't friends!


I want to compliment you on making a compliment to your kids. Someday it's hard to make positives you are doing a wonderful job!

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

you, you keep it real, Carmen.

my husband, he always makes me laugh.

my girls, they are really adorable even when they drive me crazy.

my friends, Bozena Steph, and Tricia even though they live thousands of miles away.


Carmen I want to compliment you on your weight loss and for being an awesome mother !


I will compliment others as well, but I want to give you one to start. You are ROCKIN' that polka dot dress, girlfriend! That dress is seriously CUTE, and so flattering. Also, you are in inspiration to me. You make me want to get up and MOVE, and make the changes in my life that I need to but am always putting off until manana. Thank you for writing here, and I hope you have a fantastic time as Blissdom. You deserve a break and some time for YOU. Enjoy!


You remind me that others are busier and handle it with grace. Thank you. And other in my life I'll compliment in person. *g*


I'm complimenting you on your responsiveness to your readers. It's nice to get a little email from you, letting me know that you read your responses. I like how you are very "give and take". I've actually stopped responding to bloggers who never respond (even in the combox).

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