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Thanks for listing these! I hadn't heard of Sacred Hearts before, so I just bought it for my Kindle. I've seen the Henrietta Lacks book pop up so many times on Amazon, but haven't purcahsed it. Maybe it's time.


I only do free downloads on Kindle and some of them are truly bad, but I did download your favorite, Outlander, and some day I will start and finish it! Right now I am backlogged with library books.


Recently I read four books bt Cathy Lamb: Julia's Chocolates, Henry's Sisters, The Last Time I was Me, & Such a Pretty face. All great reads about women at crisis points in their lives, but not in a formula way, each book is unique. The characters are quirky and likeable and there are some laugh out loud moments here and there. Kate Morton's The Forgotten Garden also stands out as a must read, I think of it as a recent history mystery. Read The Dirty Life at your suggestion and loved it. Animal Vegetable Mineral by Barbara Kingsolver is a good one to follow it with. Read Portia de Rossi's book, can not remember name maybe Unbearable Ligthness in two days. Really gave insight into eating disorders and her personal struggle.


PS I hope you win the Ipad so we can loan ebooks to each other :)


Over the holidays I only read fluff stuff. I finished Rick Riordan's "The Lost Hero" which picks up after his Last Olympians/Percy Jackson series left off. I also finished The Mystery of the Mistletoe by Lauren Willig which I got for Christmas.

I only download free Kindle books onto my iPhone as well. Most of them are the cheesy Harlequin Romance types though. I save them for when I'm really bored and don't have a book with me. I want a Nook for my birthday!

Emily C

Agreed on the free books for Kindle--I pretty much stick to the non-fiction and classical fiction genres.

I read "Great Parents Lousy Lovers" which was free on the Kindle, and it was mostly stuff that's straightforward.

And I know I've read other stuff, but my mind is blank. Probably from exploding at my kids every five minutes for the last three hours (it's been a long morning).


I just read "Atonement" (Ian McEwan)for my book group this month. Maybe I'm the only person left who hadn't read it or seen the film, but it was a great read: I practically did the chores one-handed, with the book in the other because I couln't put it down, and read it in about 36 hours! Beautiful prose, a really interesting set of relationships and a very poignant story.

The quartet of books about living in the Amish land look interesting, I will try them.


Should have mentioned the "Clan of the Cave Bear" books (Jean M Auel), which have been a passion for years. I have been reading them over the last 20 years, and am eagerly awaiting the last one, due out in a few months. They are set in the stone age and are full of detail about how people lived then (based on meticulous research as well as some inevitable speculation where research has gaps). The focus is a couple who meet and form a relationship, and their travels across the prehistoric continent. If you haven't read them, do try. And they are very thick books, which for me is a real bonus!

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