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Brandi Cortes

It is my mission to get to a conference before the end of the year. I'm so jealous that I'm not able to be at Blissdom but as a new blogger, I'm cutting myself some slack.

What you described is what I'm looking forward to most: people who don't like at me like I'm nuts when I say "I have a blog. I'm on Twitter. I have a lot of internet friends."

Someday soon. Until then, I'll just sigh and enjoy the blogs and pics from those of you who get to go.


You don't owe anyone an explanation. Mamas need to do things that make them happy. The end.

Karen P

You look amazing!


Love. This and you.


Your expression is SO similar to your 'About Me' photo just to the right.

Yvonne Moss

Never thought to go to a conference. Must consider! I found you through ReadySetEat! I'm a fellow reviewer. Nice to 'meet' you here.


what a great picture.

i've had online friends for nearly 9 years. we started chatting online when we were pregnant, and now our kids are going on 9 years old. i've flown all over this country and met many great ladies. they just get me...

Headless Mom



This makes me so excited for BlogHer this year. I've never been and seeing all the Blissdom pictures and posts just revs me up for how awesome this summer will be.

Krissy @ Mommy Misc

I want to get to one conference before the end of this year. I never had enough money to go, and hopefully I will! I understand what you're saying and that's what I told my family when they questioined why I want to go. Because everyone is on the same wavelength and everyone GETS IT!

Mommy Misc...

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

Let me just say I would have LOVED to have gone to Blissdom. I started my blog when I started home with my girls and it has been the best therapy. I have met new friends and rekindled old ones. It has helped me so much! Thank you for all of your help, Carmen. I really appreciate it!


What a cool post to read. I've been blogging for years but still haven't made it to a conference. I guess in the scheme of things, I feel like I wouldn't fit in because I'm not a mommy blogger. The majority of the authors' blogs I read are moms...I'm not even close. I'm sure I'd still get a lot out of a blogging conference though. I'll have to try to make one :)


Beautiful photo.

And I get it. :)


I'm honored that you shared this with me while we were there. I couldn't possibly agree more! Will be linking to this b/c I couldn't possibly say it better. Love you.


So well said. I feel so lucky that I met YOU at one such conference. :)


Would be interesting to know what the kids think about your most attractive photo. I know teens especially can get "funky" looking at pix that portray other sides of good ol' Mom.


This is the most beautiful picture of you! I only know you through cyberspace, but it looks as if it reveals the "you" inside.


It was great to see you again! Your new photo is beautiful.

It's recharging (and also a little exhausting...at the same time!) to be around so many like-minded women.

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