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Julie C

What a great idea!! We have so much stuff it is practically obscene. Time to purge. Thank you for posting this!


Can I include recycling? I fill a huge disney shoppper bag twice a week, with glass and plastic and cardboard. I'm sure going to try, I'm a closet hoarder.

Good luck!


Ay yi yi, I am sure I have 40 bags worth to purge, not sure I have perseverance to stick with it.

Brandi Mantha

How big do the bags have to be? Depending on size, I could be in on this...


I am already on a purging kick and have done well over 40 bags, with many more to come. I will join you to see if I can get 40 more!

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

Yes I am!

Brenda Diggs

I already did one bag yesterday, and am getting ready for my move across country and trying to take as little as I possible can, so I'm in- I think I can do it easily ( especially if the bags don't have to be a specific size!)


I love this idea! I'm in!

Headless Mom

I've been trying to do it too ever since I saw the link on Mary's blog. After Mom and Dad leave I'll get on it!

bama Cheryl

I'm willing to do it - just need to find the time. Sure NEED to do it - and I like the idea that it's really any sort of bag, like you said a Target bag, a grocery bag and so on. I'll (gulp) give it a whirl!


I started this weekend and did six bags. Just finished my seventh a few minutes ago!

Ann W.

I'm in. what an excellent idea! We could use a little less clutter here....


I'm doing this already! It's great timing since I'm already getting ready for the baby!


i'm totally in.


I saw that idea too but I really decluttered this past summer already because we thought we were moving. It is slowly creeping up on me again though so I decided to set the timer for 30 minutes each day for at least 30 days and do something in the house that has been bothering me. A drawer, closet, kids' room, kitchen cabinet, a box of papers, etc. We'll see how long it lasts.;)


I saw this too and I've been doing it as well. I love it! I wish I had been taking pictures before and after :( It's so addictive and I can't stop! I set the timer for 15 min and I keep going after it goes off. So stress relieving and I love all the rooms after I'm done.

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