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Preach it, sister! I started today with a FB status of "Bring it, Monday; I am ready." And you know what? I was. I. am. not. getting. beaten. down. by. life. this. week. NOT. Tuesday? PWN. FTW!


I appreciate those around me, but that doesn't seem to keep me from having a bad day. Yesterday was rough, today? I am determined will be better.

I wish you a lovely day!


Yes, yes, yes! I love this! I have always been a pessimistic at heart, but I try so hard to turn that around. My favorite things to do when I am feeling pessimistic are sing and jump up and down. Since I can't sing, and jumping is just goofy, it always makes me feel a little silly just long enough to turn my thoughts around. I will definitely try this technique as well. Stay positive!


You might find this information re Gratitude Journals of interest:

Oprah on Keeping Gratitude Journal
Since 1996 after having Sarah Ban Banatha on her show, Oprah has become one of the biggest and most vocal advocates of the benefits of keeping a Gratitude Journal.

Keep a grateful journal.
Every night, list five things that you are grateful for.
What it will begin to do
is change our perspective of your day and your life.

Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey on Journaling
Journaling is someone to talk to when there is no one to talk to.

Sarah Ban Breathnach on Oprah.com
In March of 1996, Oprah invited Sarah Ban Breathnach to her show. Her book Simple Abundance inspired Oprah to start a gratitude journal.
Inside Personal Journals
From Oprah information on people who changed their lives by journaling. Includes tips for starting your own journal.

Offhand Mom

When I was a child (oldest of 5) my mother made up the "Compliment Club" (CC) . . everyone had a challenge each day to find a compliment or something pleasant to another person, inside or out of the family. We understood early on that compliments were more than an appreciation of someone's new hairband or the other obvious things that come to mind, as well as coming to recognize that even if we had to be, um, really creative to think of something positive to say, one can do it without hypocrisy. Worth the effort. I think I'll tell my own aging children about it later; I'd forgotten it for years!


One thing we do at dinner each night is say our favorite part of the day. Even when hubby is away on business we still have dinner and discuss. I know your evenings are little crazier than mine since I don't have teenagers just yet. YET! So close.....I'm scared. Anyway, it's a great way to see the beauty in the every day small stuff. :)


It is so easy to get down. I like positive!!! Boy do I hope the flu is GONE now from your home!

Account Deleted

I really liked your article and I shared with my friends in my facebook account ..


Being more positive is something that I definitely need to work on. I think that is something that I will try to work on more this week.

Thanks for the idea!

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