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I have taken the test, but I don't remember what I was/am. I do remember that it was pretty much on the money, though. I think those tests are fun.


I went ahead and tried the test. According to it I am INTJ. Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging. It doesn't feel right. Supposedly I am self-confident (not), perfectionist (that one stung because it's true), and I have no constraint for authority in my life (Ha! I worry like crazy if I even think of breaking a rule.). I am eager to see what the test says about my Daughter....

TyKes Mom

I've taken it several times. It was a main focus of my college major. I am an INFJ which is the rarest personality type (less than 1% of the population) and I find it to be very accurate of my personality. I put a lot of stock in it but I believe that no one is stuck in any specific personality and we can change and grow often.

I always jump to the conclusion that bloggers are introverts because that seems to be the norm, which does seem a little backwards, lol.


I took the test to see what I am, which is a Fieldmarshal. I can agree with 90% of it. It says I cannot build or push my goals on an already establish organization, but I have done this. I can and have created organizations within organizations. I do care about people's feelings as we go along. Sometimes I let those feelings take over too much. I am learning I cannot in what I do.

What amazes me, is really how I have become who I am. Go back 10 years ago or 12, and I would believe I couldn't do what I do. I refused to speak in front of groups and now I do it without even thinking about being nervous or scared. I was the provider, the weak person.

What changed? Having a special needs child, who I needed to find my voice for. I think the real change came just after he turned 8 and I had started to volunteer for the Boy Scouts of America. I was doing training of Cub Scout Leaders without my training partner for the first time. There were others, but she was my best friend and we did certain things together during training. I was scared. Yet I knew I had to step up or let everyone down. I found my courage and did what I needed to be done. I can still see the shocked faces on my training friends and when I looked over, I saw my partner, beaming and yet surprised. I found myself that day and I have never looked back. Now I direct/put together camps for BSA in addition to training leaders.


huh - INFJ - huh who knew?


ESTJ... have been and guess I always will be :-)


I am INFP...and the I for introverted really surprises people because I have a Job where I talk to people all day long and I am very social and outgoing. But, just try to interrupt my "me" time and you will find out that I am really an introvert. I need oodles of time to do art and listen to music and watch sunsets or clouds, because that is how I recharge. If I don't get that, I just dissolve into tears at the slightest thing or just end up being withdrawn. Or get very irritable...


I told you the other day you sound just like me! I'm an ESFJ, too! I find it interesting that I'm extraverted, but I'm pretty low on that scale, so people think I'm introverted, or that No BS part puts people off, so I have a hard time getting as much social action as I desire/need. It doesn't help that my very INTJ husband is perfectly content to stay home with me all the time. He doesn't need friends.


ISTJ. I have found that over the 25 years of taking this survey, I've changed somewhat. I used to be a solid "E" (extrovert) but am now solidly in the "I". The "J" has moved somewhat too; from solidly off the charts "J" to more settled in the middle. The "S" and "T" remain fairly consistent.

I have found this survey to be quite accurate. My husband is certified to give this survey and used it for counseling purposes and pre-marriage counseling when he was a pastor.


INFJ -- I just took the test again, and my results haven't changed since the first time I took it in high school (20+ years ago) Thanks for the link, though, as I had never seen the temperaments before. I find it very interesting that I'm a "Counselor" -- fits right into my teaching career.


I've taken the test a few times. My answers tend to vary, but I always get introvert, and I think my last one was INTJ. I am very high on the introvert measure, something like 80 percent, which always surprises people. I think some tend to assume that if you're introverted you have no social skills and are quiet all the time. No, I just like to have a lot of "me time" and am perfectly happy to read a book on a Friday night instead of going to a party.


ENFP. Hahaha it's me, exactly.


Introverted 67 Sensing 50 Feeling 50 Judging 56


I used to be a strong ISFJ, but my life has changed a lot in the past 3 years. Now I'm an ISTJ, slightly on the first three, strong on the judging. Apparently that makes me an inspector: superdependable, organized, classic in dress and decoration (yup) family and community oriented, but not comfortable being at the center of attention.

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Good stuff as per usual, thanks. I do hope this kind of thing gets more exposure.

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