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your body can only handle SO much. just glad you listened to your body this time around...


I'm glad you can get the black belt without the run! A medical waiver is a good thing! You're not cheating at all; you have pushed your body to the limit, which is what they want, right?


It's not cheating. Your body, every one's body, has a pace that it can keep and not be injured. I don't know about your Martial Art, but the ones my kids are in require that you always do the best you can do. That's it. There are no unreasonable limits. Your earned that black belt. You did.

(And trust me, I know what you mean about your body betraying you.)


It sounds like the whole idea of getting the black belt is not a competition against other people, but rather a personal challenge to reach for and maximize your physical performance potential. Who would you be cheating by having discovered the max point for your body in 1 area and pushing yourself to perform at that top level? The medical waiver is just confirmation that you have reached your max. You have a lot to be proud of!! You are right - you completely earned that black belt and the self-satisfaction for your accomplishment that goes with it!

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

I have also had to give up running long distance, such a pity. I love to run.


It is not cheating at all! That is the most important thing. However, if it makes you feel any better, my per mile time decreased the most when I DID run more miles. I trained for a marathon and had always run around a 9-10 minute mile. As I logged more and more long runs I found that on my shorter runs I was going faster and faster... soon to the the tune of 8 minute miles for 3 mile runs, 8-9 minute miles for 5 mile runs. (Did that make sense?)

So... Just keep up the slow runs but this time try to add distance. And maybe eventually you will run the speed that would have been necessary for the black belt and you will feel like you "earned it" 100%.... even though we all think you already WILL be earning it with the medical waiver!

Laura H.

I agree with the above comments. You worked your fanny off trying to get to the level you needed to be at, and you did your absolute best to do all you could do to reach it! You ran, you rolled, you spoke to experts... you were, and are, dedicated to reaching your goals. Needing a medical waiver after everything you did (and continue to do) is not cheating, nor is it the easy way. In my mind, with everything you went through, you flat out earned the waiver, and the belt and if anyone thinks differently, they have a problem. Not you!
(I apologize if this makes no sense; we just got back from a 4 day family vacation and my eyes are crossing I'm so flipping SLEEPY!! LOL)


Everyone above is right. You didn't ask for a medical waiver when you found the running difficult, you just kept training to improve your time. You didn't go to the Sports Orthopedist for a medical waiver, you went for advice to help you achieve your required time. So you have reached your maximum (and a pretty good one it is too) despite a serious injury. That deserves a huge "well done", and I hope you can allow yourself to accept that.

Cheating is knowingly gaining something unfairly; you didn't do that.


Hate to tell you, but further down the road, you will reach a point where the warranties on your body parts start expiring. And you don't have to be "old" for it to happen. I was told at 59 that both my knees were shot and needed to be replaced and I "knew" I was too young for that. At that point you only have two options--accept that your body will no longer perform like it once did or be miserable the rest of your days.

Hope you can revise your feelings about your physical performance so you don't end up being as miserable as I was for a year!


I agree that pain is worse than anything - I've never had kids, but had broken ankles and surgery and pins to repair, a hysterectomy and nothing compared to tearing my gastrocnemius. And I still don't run.

Good luck on your Black Belt - and it is not cheating if you are medically unable to compete in that portion.

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