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My two oldest girls have entered that stage. My 12-year-old now showers of her own volition, but there's something about 10-year-olds that resists showering ("but I took one a couple days ago!"). I always tell them that it's better that I bell them about their stink issues than to be known as the stinky girl at school.

Tess Bartz

My 11 year old has BEEN going through this stage for a couple of years. It was gradual at first. A whiff of something... odd... as he walked passed. Then, more noticeable. Then and all out war on the sense of smell. He's been using deodorant for a while now, but OMG, I need to find something to de-stink his feet now! LOL


My 3 younger boys are 12, 11 and 9. Showers are a must every single day, if not twice a day.

A few months ago we had just return home from camp. My youngest was filthy and is in dire need of not only a shower, but a good scrub down in the shower. He was refusing, saying he had gone swimming at camp and was clean. Finally he got in the shower, and his 11 year old brother handed him a brand new bar of soap, to which he replied with great disgust, "What is this stuff?!"

Laura H.

I bought my almost 10 year old her first deodorant a couple of months back; she'd been given one at camp and it had broken, so she needed a new one, and requested I get one for her. As I tossed the hot pink/black "tween" deodorant into the grocery cart, I felt as if there should be a soundtrack playing; first deodorant for oldest child! It was one of those firsts that I never thought much about, you know? I'm pretty sure she doesn't use it much, and she doesn't really need it yet, but it's a start.


My story is during the summer my daughter thinks I can't tell when she's been rushing and doesn't put on deodorant because it doesn't take long to get musty during summer camp
tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com


tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com


I work in a school as well, and come spring, the upper elementary hall is quite ripe. Luckily, my own kids have never had an issue with applying deodorant.


I tweeted!


My #2 child (male) has a habit of misplacing his deoderant. He is dyslexic, so I have to give him a bit of a break. ;) But anyways, I was up in the boys' room the other day to supervise some cleaning. We ended up finding the mother lode ... 12 different sticks of deoderant in various scents and amounts in each container. Gotta love that at least he uses at least one of those containers each day.


My kids are little still but I really dread the B.O. issue when my sons get older. We DO have stinky socks laying around the house sometimes, though.


My stinky story is mine. Three years ago I stopped being able to wear normal deodorant/anti-perspirant. It has taken me a while to find a natural deodorant that doesn't leave me stinky by the end of the day. It's so hard and I'm dreading actual puberty with my girls. One is almost there.


Stinky boys hopping in the car after being at the skate park! OMG somebody get me a hose. And really there is no cure for the stinky feet. Really there isn't!

Headless Mom

My oldest son began using deodorant years ago, actually, after crawling in bed with me one night. He wrapped his arms around my head and *PFFFEW* I knew he needed to start.

Thanks for the chance!


As a teenager, I grew up with my cousin in the same house and he was my same age. I couldn't understand how he smelled so, uh, differently than I did. I called it man stink. It was my chore to vacuum the house and I HATED doing his room because it was literally a wall of stench I was walking into! It's not very nice, and I'm sure that adds to the stigma, which I didn't even really know there was until I read this blog post. Now that I'm a mom of super active 3 year old, who seems to have no plans on stopping any time soon, I'll definitely keep in mind to have a more gentle approach when my boy starts becoming, how did you put it, odoriferous, lol! Here's to winning (hopefully) 100 smackeroos!


no stinky story here, but not looking forward to these types of talks with future kids! scg00387 at yahoo dot com




Ahhhh the sweet smell of a bottle's worth of Axe....brings back memories. LOL


My oldest two are boy/girl twins and were born in Africa. Let's just say their sweat glands are reamarkably well developed and they are over achievers. Makes sports seasons particularly odiferous. When I walk by and say. "Oh hon..." they just go take shower. :-)

Leann Lindeman

I have stinky stories , not about my daughter... More about me. I have hot flashes and on top of that this summer here in Kansas we had 40 some dys in a row of over 100 degree temps. So yeah. I was possibly a little stinky. Lol.

Robin M.

The teenager does a pretty good job keeping himself clean and smelling good... the younger one - not so much. I have to force him to bathe and put on clean clothes, not the dirty ones he just took off!


i'm not looking forward to having this talk with me kids

karinaroselee at gmail dot com


I feel like I'm the stinky (rather sweaty) one!! I've worn pantyliners in my suit jacket armpits when I have the feeling that clinical strength just won't be enough!

Steva Spottswood

My twin boys just acquired the need. I let them pick out their own deodorants and leave it out in plain sight as a reminder. I also nag a lot.


My older daughter plays travel soccer and left her stinky cleats/shin guards in her bag one weekend and they contaminated her "clean" jerseys and shorts. ACK! ;)


I'm definitely dreading it- the stink and the rest of the teenage stuff! :)

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