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So, yeah, after 13 or so years of not putting myself anywhere near first, I am finally attempting to do just that, which fits right in with the whole "return to you" sentiment. In my case, it involved one child with ADHD and later clinical depression/self-harming, etc., moving for the military on a regular basis, a husband who has always had a lot of job stress and can't handle the home stress on top of it, add in a second child who has Asperger's/ADHD/OCD/anxiety, a third child with asthma and peanut/tree nut allergies, and all of my own insecurities and issues and not dealing with it and you end up with an unhappy, overweight mess. I figure at the age of 39, it's probably time to start taking care of myself and get back to the person who was happy and had a lot of interests and wasn't afraid to try things and live, not to mention the whole setting a good example for my kids thing. At this point it is still baby steps, but at least it is a start. So, yeah, at the ripe old age of 39, I am attempting to find myself again and this time not let go. Also, I have to second the whole thing about resembling the mothers and wondering whether every ache or pain or what-have-you is diabetes/cancer/heart disease. :)


I am trying to return to myself now. After marrying in my mid-thirties, acquiring two pre-teen boys (along with their wonky schedules and our bad eating habits), then having two kids of my own at 39 & 42 ... I am now trying to lose the 98 lbs I gained in the last 9 years. I've lost 15 since August.


My story is not so dramatic. I was simply not going to buy another pair of pants in yet another larger size. Not gonna happen. Took control that day and am still evolving 5 years later.


For eighteen years I've put everyone first. Starting with my husband and then with my children. And I was fine with that. Until this weekend and an ER visit and health scare that turned out to be not as scary as it could be. And I think I ended up there in the first place because I was so busy taking care of everyone else and trying to fit my things in there that it's just too much. So, this weekend I informed the family that I do not wish to return to the hospital (this week or any other) and that I was taking time off. And in that time I hope to slowly make them realize that I deserve help. That it's not going to just me doing it ALL anymore.


After having four babies in less than five years, I began to have borderline high blood pressure. With a healthy diet, regular exercise and a few less pounds I don't need medicine. I often get busy and fall of the wagon--eat poorly, gain weight, no exercise and the high BP comes back. Once again, I find myself in a "return to you" state. Even if the house is a little more messy, it is more important to get the exercise in regularly. Now....Repeat daily. :-)

Kim ~ Recipes To Run On

Great to link over from the Return to You series. Looking so forward to reading more of your blog. But, as one who can relate to this post having allowed myself to indulge in food and use it in all the wrong ways.... only to wake up one day and not recognize myself in the mirror, I can agree that it's so important to take care of ourselves to be able to care of others. Great post!


I'm at the beginning of this. I'm working on a huge body (maybe 26/28W) and 3 special needs children (1 who is a stepchild here full time and is 10, with asperger's syndrome, severe adhd, and Oppositional something or other...basically extremely defiant..drives me nuts! 1 who is nearing 10 and is a bio child with autism, bi polar disorder and mild MR. 1 who is a stepchild here full time, 8 yrs old, shows autism, severe adhd, and emotional issues). I'm whooped. Cherry coke and chocolate are friends. And a few pots of coffee.


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