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Malia Carden

That was quite a year you had! I hope 2012 is even better!

Love you! xoxoxo


thanks for all of it! you are a fun spot in my life!


Phew! Ready to do it all over again? Happy 2012! :)


You had a productive and busy year! Wishing you a Blessed New Year!

Mary Copeland

I just granted myself the time to read this, and I realized, I need to take more time for me. I know our kids will be in a different school next year. Hard decision for us, but I am certain for the short time we have been there, I have met some folks that I care nothing for and others that I will miss. You are one of those I will miss. I know that God let our paths cross for a reason, and I am truly thankful for his knowledge of allowing this to happen. May you have a wonderful New Year, and Thank you for your friendship.


sounds like a pretty good year to me. :-)


What a great post! I re-read some favourites and found a couple that I'd somehow missed.

I wish you a 2012 with fewer dramas, great health for all, continued progress with life's difficulties and time for you. I sense that less laundry would be welcome too!

I'm grateful that you continue to make me laugh and cry, and that by sharing so much of your own life, you make me realise that I'm not alone with the craziness that is marriage and parenthood.

Thank you for everything you've written in 2011, and I can't wait for all you will say in 2012! xx


phupho aur chachi ki gand mari

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