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Too Cool! I like it very much. And a referral is always the way to go on these. There are too many bad examples out there.


I love it! I can't wait to get mine!


It's gorgeous!


Just a little note about the statement you got -- in a Jewish wedding, you are not married until you say that to each other IN HEBREW!!

I'm not Jewish, but my husband is and you want to take a wild guess how long it took me to be able to say the words without screwing them up?? I had my future in laws in stitches in attempting -- I think I might have said something that involves a goat at one point...

Alas, I'm truly married and I got through it. The Rabbi complimented me on it -- but I think he was just humoring me.

Love the piece.

elizabeth k

I love it - and that hubby is right there with you!


Love it! And where are all the tattoo ideas on pinterest? I haven't seen many.


I feel slow and old but are you saying that you got the scripture in phonetically written Hebrew since that is not the Hebrew alphabet (obviously). It's beautiful work. My Hebrew tats are written in actual Hebrew so I've never seen it written that way.




SWEET!! Love it. I wanna get my husbands name on my ring finger. Someday.... :)


Love it, I'm 50 and just got my first tattoo last October while on vacation with my girlfriend in Daytona, no, I wasn't drunk just had been thinking about getting one for years and now I'm really glad I did.
I was thinking about on my wrist like you, but still deciding on what and where for the 2nd one...everyone told me that they are addictive, so agree...Keep us posted on what you decide.

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