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Thank you for the most inspiring writing I've read in a long time. I'm currently struggling with another heart related issue and your writing was exactly what I needed to read.

Prayers being sent for the new wee one as well.


-->It's all so true.

(Side note, if you're ever holding the wine I'll smile and walk right past. I can't get over my fear of The Back Wash when it comes to communion.)


If your Dad was an Air Force pilot, you would know about every bolt, radial and crankshaft that went into making an airplane fly--there would be no mystery at all. You would have also made a pilgrimage to the Wright Brothers Museum in Nags Head and genuflicted to the deities of aviaation!


Beautiful! A reminder to me of the Have faith, 'all will be okay.' feelings I experienced last week. This morning, it was all okay.

Many prayers for the baby...I know exactly how that feels as I experienced with Sean. We knew he was going to be okay, eventuallly. The Doctors were not so sure he would live, and he still might pass away, but he will be 13 next month!


Amen Sister! :-)

J from Ireland

That's lovely and so true Carmen. You seem to have very strong faith which I admire in anyone. While I consider myself a catholic and am raising my children in this faith, there are certain things in my religion i dont agree with. As a child I always wanted to be a minister of the Eucharistic, not now I'd be afraid I'd drop something, I also wanted to be an altar girl, which in Ireland in the 70's was unheard of.
Please excuse the mistakes I am typing on my phone, the laptop died a while ago. Best wishes dear.

Jenn W

I am clinging to my faith and my God with both hands right now and pleading that everything turns out okay. It's not just one thing, it's multiple and all of them are very, very serious. I'm terrified but I have faith that God will see me through.


Best thing you have ever posted. (and I have loved LOTS of your posts). So excited for you on your new ministry journey.


*gets all serious*
Wow Carmen, good for you!
And many, many prayers for the baby...
(keep us posted)


A beautiful post, Carmen.

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

Good for you, Carmen.I am pressing the big LIKE button now.


This is lovely, Carmen.




Way to go Carmen! Too too cool - and so appro. for this Season of faith! Like Jenn W - I have a boatload of 'stuff' going on right now. Many/most are problems of my own, er...creation. The verse that says - be still and know that I AM GOD, keeps running through my head.




This is beautifully written and expressed.

Carmen (not Stacier) ;-)

Beautiful post, thank you for putting these thoughts out there for us all to ponder...


I've been thinking about becoming a EM for some time now; you've inspired me - "inspired" is infused with the Holy Spirit. Wow. God works in mysterious ways.


Faith is how we cope with struggles, how we KNOW that we'll get through the difficult times and know there is a rainbow on the other side. My faith is in our Lord and Savior and His promises that He has a plan comfort me. Great post, Carmen! That precious baby girl couldn't be more perfect in our eyes and our faith gives us a peace in all that's to come. Yes there have been some scary moments and there may continue to be, but faith is what will see us through each obstacle and God gets all the credit for all the blessings. :) Love you!

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