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Oh Carmen I do love your spunk! your spirit! your drive! your ethic!
the fact that I've never met you but <3 you like I have.

Ouida Gabriel

I didn't see where Carmen called her husband stupid. I will go back and read the post. It seems odd that Carmen would do that. I don't think I have ever read about her calling her hubby names. She gets frustrated but we all do. Carmen seems too classy to say something like that.

Ouida Gabriel

Ouida Gabriel

You are right Holly. Carmen did call men stupid and she probably shouldn't have. Sometimes people say things to encourage others even though it is not the way they really feel. when people complain sometimes I smile and nod even though I don't necessarily agree with every thing they are saying. Deep down I bet Carmen thinks that her husband is great. I know I hold my husband in high regard even though sometimes I do think men are stupid. Of course I think everyone is stupid most of the time. I try to think the best of others and they usually prove me wrong.


Oh, I just reread it too, and realized that it wasn't Matilda who was complaining about her husband. Matilda (it's so funny to type that over and over) was apparently eavesdropping. Which is also rude. However, I stand by my original issue..it WAS rude to say that all men are stupid. And, that is why Matilda marched to "tattle" so to speak. :)


And, I know Carmen adores her husband. I have read here for many many years. They have a great marriage and she thinks the world of him.

Kimberly T.

Wow, Matlida *cough cough* Holly seems completely oblivious to the concept of humor. And maintaining an alias. And making a convincing argument for herself.

So Holly, I mean Matilda *woops*, let's just say for arguments sake that this conversation took place in front of your 8 boys. Which would be more damaging? Hearing their mother complain about their father who quite obviously wasn't present and unable to defend himself, or a completely harmless joke by Carmen made in front of her husband (considering she is also the wife of ONE man... oh, and she has 9 kids) who, if offended would have had the opportunity to defend himself? Survey says? DUH!

And to answer your question... How can Carmen's husband live with her? Quite easily actually. She's witty, funny, smart, wildly caring, and though sarcastic, and it seems she's even nice enough to share her humor and hell, even complaints, WITH her husband.

All that being said, I'm dying to know, whoever the hell you are, how can your husband stand to live with YOU?

Wait. Actually no. I don't care, because it's none of my damn business.


*I* wouldn't complain about my husband in front of my 8 boys, so there would be no damage done by me. If they were in line with me and heard a woman declare that all men are stupid, well, that wouldn't be very nice now would it? Also, Carmen's husband wasn't able to defend himself from her remark, was he?

Kimberly T.

Logic has simply evaded you once again! Beyond the fact that you've missed the point and the mark, I'm simply amazed by the speed of your response. For someone who can't grasp that having a successful blog is in fact a real job, you certainly seem to be spending a whole lot of time caring what people on said blog have to say. Respond in record time... ready, go!


wow! I'm way behind reading this instalment.

Common Sense just doesn't seem that Common anymore does it? I think that people have stopped being reasonable or even polite when talking to others. Social skills are definitely lost.

22yrs, is definitely rare now, and I'm so happy that you and Mr Masses (who I know doesn't like to be part of the blogging) have that "banter". It keeps things sane. My hubbie and I have that and so do our parents. :)


What in the world are you talking about?! I never said Carmen's blog wasn't a real job! Get it straight please or don't reply.


Or are you that dense and truly think I am "Matilda"? Nope..sorry, not her.

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