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As someone who has often cleaned bathrooms that smell more like the elephant house at the zoo, I salute you. And I appreciate you, too.

Headless Mom

And you, my friend. I'm totally tearing up at this today, dammit.


Alas there is nothing so yummy as diet coke in the house, but I will raise my glass of (boring) water in salute. Then I will go back to finding ways to avoid cleaning the boys' bathroom. *sigh*

Carmen (not Stacier) ;-)

Wow Carmen! What a lovely post :''') And you are such a busy mom!

kathy Buehler

Just when was it that you sneaked in here, and saw how we actually live? At least how MOST of us here would be content to live, should the mom disappear for awhile! One (older) child at this moment, is in the throes of a giant tantrum because I am insisting that she pick up her dirty clothes and dishes. The nerve! (of me, she thinks!)Can't wait to visit her house someday!


i love the comparison to a boys bathroom to an elephant house at the zoo because that is my son's bathroom right now. LMAO i need to clean it tomorrow.


What a wonderful post, Carmen. You are right that moms in general are an underappreciated bunch. Until the progeny leave home and try it on their own. Pointing out to your spouse what you've done isn't being a brat. It's getting just a portion of the recognition you deserve every.darn.day. Atta girl and thank you!

Ann W

Really needed this today....how powerful that you could turn your under-appreciation into a beautiful tribute to others. How further very selfless and uplifting of you!! Thank you for these encouraging words....


Thank you!!!! what a fabulous post. It's all there.


Well I certainly thank you! Not only for doing it, but also for writing about it!!


Right back at you!


Thank you and I return the raised glass toast to you! Congrats on your huge day of accomplishments! I've been dreaming lately of someday being able to get and keep my house clean. My plan of giving the job of bathroom cleaning to my kids was great in theory... :) It is amazing how many hidden things we do - in between the hours we spend behind the wheel each week for our families.

Emily C

Oh, a Coke sounds fabulous right now. Hear, hear, ladies!

I just spent an hour trying to finish a research paper while simultaneously shoving the jack-in-the-box kids back into their bedroom. And ate a bag of m&m's for dinner.

As I lift my eyes from the laptop screen, I see dirty dishes, mounds of laundry, and cracker crumbs everywhere.

Going back to school with no childcare and three preschoolers? Let's just say, WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?

Because I'm sure as hell still doing all the dishes, cooking, laundry, bills, and errands while the hubs spends his sweat, blood, and tears on a PhD.

So I'll raise my glass to you, Carmen, and to everyone else here! Because I appreciate the work you invest in raising those kids and keeping those families together.


Oh you (and I) sooo deserve more than a diet coke! So I'll salute both of us with...a lemon drop martini!!


What a wonderful post!! At the moment, I have one bathroom, and 5 (sometimes 6, when my friend stays in the garage apartment) people using it! Needless to say, it's a constant cleaning (the 90's song "Constant Craving" is now lodged in my head). And I'm a clean-after-everyone-else-is-in-bed type of person too. My husband tends to grouse about me staying up later than him. One day, I looked at him and said "it's not only my underwear I'm folding, not only my dinner dishes I'm washing. I'm not staying up and having a party, here!" LOL He didn't say anything else after that.


Thanks for posting Carmen!So amazingly tru
e. Thank YOU. Cheers to you all.

Paula Kiger

Yes, exactly. Cheers back to you with a Diet Coke!


Hee Hee. I spent the entire morning cleaning bathrooms and doing laundry and floors - always floors.

lisa albano

Thank you. You made me feel appreciated!


Aww, thank you. I spent countless hours cleaning and driving kids everywhere and never get thanked. So, THANK YOU for thinking of others.

Gastric Bypass Man

I just sent this post to a bunch of my friends as I agree with most of what you’re saying here and the way you’ve presented it is awesome.


Great post! Thanks and here's to you too! :) Been there, done a lot of that stuff! Doesn't it feel good to have done one good cleaning? Even though it is exhausting and will end up in the same state in a relatively short amount of time, it feels good. I did that a week ago- but only for 2 hours. :) It felt gooooood!!

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