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This is one of my pet peeves too. Food is very personal. I have never been successful at breastfeeding any of our four despite a lot of perseverance and I really take offense at being lectured about it. Once the woman having a go at me was sharing a diet coke with her 1 year old. I bit my lip. Hard.


Awesome post, Carmen. *hugs*

Debby Pucci

We all need wiggle room and we all have days where our choices may not be healthy ones or we would go crazy. ((HUGS)) You know the truth, God knows the truth and that's all that matters.


I hear you and understand. I don't like being talked down to, either. We eat healthy around the same amount as you. And yet my healthy and active Daughter was handed anti-obesity material at the Doctors on Monday because she's 28% percentile and not 25% for BMI. I wanted to smack him.


Carmen, I am hoping that the rest of the week shapes up for you! I am so tired of people's food issues! And all the evil stares from others if God forbid, you make the wrong choices. The other day I took my girls to the zoo. I bought them lunch which came with a soda. The small size was the size of my head! I had brought their water bottles to fill up with water, but of course, I ended up filling them with the rest of their soda! I know, for shame. The mom I was with has a no soda policy for her kids so you could imagine the thoughts she must have had. So sue me! We all try to do the best we can but my God, let's have a little fun once in a while!


It's even worse when you're pregnant. I drink Diet Cokei like a fiend, and did not slow down much when I was pregnant, especially when it helped somewhat with the unrelenting and constant nausea and yakking (sorry). At a Halloween party, a woman came up un solicited to tell me that artificial sweeteners cause birth defects and MS, and wasn't I concerned about that? Before my husband could squeeze my arm, I said,"You should probably be more concerned about the whiskey I have in here." as I took a healthy swig from the cup. She blanched and slowly backed away. It was beautiful.


I meant 4th of July party. *blinks* Does it matter? Probably not, but I feel compelled to correct myself anyway.


I think you made your point well--especially that being told what to do (in a condescending way) is NEVER gonna be effective!


I agree 100 percent. I am tired of judgmental comments, particularly from one person in particular. And you know what? Most of these people have no clue, really, about nutrition. Have you noticed that? They think fat, calories and carbs, in any amount, are bad. They avoid made-from-scratch meals like the plague if they contain any of these things, yet they'll happily eat heavily processed prepared diet foods.

As a result of all this, I go to countless meetings at work where food is offered and sits untouched because no one wants to be that person, the human being who actually needs calories to function.

We've gone way overboard with this health and food obsession, and it doesn't seem to actually be helping anyone.


Right on, sister! You're nice than me though. I would have told that guy to back the truck up.


If what you are eating/drinking isn't hurting anyone else, it is no one's business. And I only make that conditional because if it was hurting them, they might have cause to say something. Like if I was eating a piece of cake while sitting on them, maybe - a small maybe. Hope the rest of the week improves.


The food police piss me off. I know I feel better when I eat healthy and work out consistently and get a good nights sleep. HOWEVER there are times I eat cheetos for dinner, slug back too may diet cokes and work out less than I should. So Sue me and mind your own business peeps!! I can figure things out for myself. Hang in there CARMEN!! Things always get back on track.


Ya they all need to mind their own business. I get bizarre comments at work when I have one of my healthy smoothie concoctions at work. Then I get snarky comments when I eat ice cream. Who asked you anyway? Back off!! Hope you get some rest Carmen.


I think this was VERY well stated!!!! everyperson is their own person and yes at 42 you most definitely are in control. Maybe when you're 92 you can have some else do the work but while you have the ability and the options to live your own life, go for it! I'm proud of your 80lbs. You've done a wonderful job balancing the living and living well. It's not all about the food you eat but about the life you live. I'm doing the ww plan again, it worked in 2003 for my 80lb loss and if I have continued to do what I was meant to do it would have kept working but I had lived it too absolute and when I went off I went way off and the guilt feeds the mess that continues to cycle into another mess. At almost 40yrsold? I'm in control and as of this week I've lost 14lbs of my mistakes but I have been living. I've made room for enjoying life. There is no point in living a "lifestyle" if it doesn't fit in with life. sorry I may have soap boxed there a tiny bit. :P

Modern-Day Jane

First of all, Kati, I love your story! And I agree, pregnant ladies get the most criticism.

And Carmen, you do not even need to explain what your general eating habits are, especially to someone you don't even know on TWITTER! If that dude couldn't tell from your tone that your drinks were a exception, then he clearly has a personal investment in diabetes. (That's what I'm telling myself to make it seem rational. Maybe a family member just died from diabetes complications?)

Hope you are sleeping better soon!




I just wouldn't take it personal. This individual obviously needed to say something to make themselves feel better and you happened to be who they took their frustrations out on. You are a famous celebrity with lots of readership. Of course they are going to target you because through you they also get a larger audience. But you already said it, look where you are and where you came from... You DO know what is and is not good for you and you know you haven't slipped. I wouldn't sweat what one random person thinks of you. What matters is how you feel about yourself...


1. Don't even get me started on this topic, I will NEVER shut up!
2. What is a Sugar Free Monster? Sounds like something I may need.
3. Newest weapon in my chronic insomnia arsenal :acupuncture. More relaxing and wonderful than massage.

Sonja Holzman

Anita - I understand completely about the breast feeding and lack of success and the judgement that people feel free to heap upon you in said situation. It stinks and it's not right.
Carmen, I have dealt with parents who have made it their personal mission to point out any and all missteps in diet for my entire life. They are literally obsessed and will jump on any diet bandwagon that fits into their personal idea of what is "right" to eat and cram it down everyone's throat who will listen.
But I would have gone OFF if some random stranger, who was following ME on Twitter launched into a diatribe about my choices. Wow. That's some serious nerve.
You did what was right for you at the time. Who cares what anyone else thinks. Good for you for unfollowing said jerk face.


You know what is even worse? The judgment you get when you put ANYTHING in your mouth when you are obese. Like being obese means you should starve yourself.


I don't have it all figured out just yet, but God save the fool who tries to tell me how and what to eat.


I guess this falls under the "You Can't Have it Both Ways" category.

When you put some information out there, any information is open for discussion.

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