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I don't fit anywhere but I'm ok with that. The sad part is that it has taken me to age 41 to be ok with that. My daughter coined the phrase "embrace your inner dork," a few years ago and it sums she and I up nicely. We are dorks at times, but we enjoy being dorks. Hence the current pink we are both currently sporting.
PS I still think you rock and I always think you fit in better than I do and better than you think you do. You have a personality that is fun, not a wallflower. We wallflowers envy those of you with spunk. :)

Lisa@All That and a Box of Rocks

Excellent. Freakin' excellent. You really are like the Carmen in my head.


I know how you feel! Especially about the outfit thing; I always dress carefully. My style is mostly casual, but I'm always very careful with my appearance when I go ANYWHERE. And I can think I look okay, but the minute I leave the house, I suddenly feel like everyone is judging me, and finding me lame. And it's not true; I KNOW this. I get along with people very well. But, even if the group I'm in seems welcoming and accepting, I feel like the outsider. It's not them, it's me, and I'm working very hard on this. But yeah; I TOTALLY get what you're saying. And I'd love to be part of the group you described as your people. Sounds like fun! :D


I just typed a whole comment and then lost it when I signed in. I don't have the energy to recreate it, so I'll paraphrase.

You do fit in. You fit in with the rest of us, here on the Internet. That's why events like the Ford event are so much fun. Like minded, but not always from the same subject areas.

P.S. It makes me furiously happy that your kids are saying, "Science!" I've wanted to say that out loud to people for years, but feared excommunication from the Bible Belt.


That last group described - that's me! And my friends. And we good with it. I could never quite understand the "in" crowd or the "popular people" and their ways. I don't really care to explain all my tattoos to them either....


I am so you. I can identify with all of that!


I don't fit in. Never have and I doubt I ever will. I'm okay with that most of the time. There are times I am incredibly lonely, but I'm used to filling that with a book.
I wish I had a group like yours. And I so understand the lack of outfit coordination thing.

Sonja Holzman

I was a triangle trying to fit into square holes my whole life growing up. That is how I was raised. Now I behave in my singular, triangular fashion, which is quite unique to me and fit into very few holes (think about it - how many triangles are in the world). And I am HAPPY!! Occasionally I wish that I fit in better, that I didn't blurt out inappropriate things at awkward times or laugh too loudly (amd sometimes snort). But then there are the times where I'm dance-shopping with my teenager in TJ Maxx and we are having so much fun that I am glad I am just me and am encouraging her to be just her. And I agree with Chrisdtracy - you do fit in, here, which is why you have such a loyal following.


i need a "like" button...


Don't you think the in-crowd are cookie cutter versions of each other? It must take effort to look so polished, and they often look bored. I find it impossible to look stylish, ever. Most people wear smarter stuff than me in a regular basis than I wear when I'm trying hard. I don't shop enough to keep up with trends and mostly I have a fine splattering of mud from walking the dog :-) Enjoy and embrace whatever you are like and you'll find that people gravitate to you because you are different and funny and above all, interesting. The following you have proves that.


Hey, at least you aren't fat anymore, right?

Hang in there, it's just one of the joys of being a woman and feeling insecure.




OK, I'm going out on a limb here - but to all you women who feel like you don't belong because you are not fashionable or sporting Keratin straight hair and gel nails and what not, I am all that and guess what? I feel like I don't fit in either. I get the "once over" look often, or the "why are soooooooo dressed up where are you gong/coming from" at school pick up or at the supermarket. Or the "when I first saw you I thought you were a bitch". Whatever. I just read an article in some magazine that said that people make prejudicial judgments about other people based on their looks. Thin people are perceived as bitchy and selfish, fat people are perceived as lazy.


Can I be in your gang please? I'd fit right in....

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