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Heather @Domestic Extraordinaire

Have a great time!


are you going to learn how to ride a bike? a few years back, i took a class at the local harley dealership to learn how to ride a bike. i got thru the first 2 days, and only needed to finish the last day to get my license. i wiped out and scared myself into not finishing the class. LOL i found out i'm a WAY better passenger than driver of a bike. at one time a few years ago, my husband had 2 harley's. once my youngest was born 3 years ago, the husband stopped riding. he finally sold his last harley 2 years ago.


Woo-Hoo! You're going to have so much fun! I always wanted to know how to ride a motorcycle, but have been too chicken to try it. You'll be great!


Soooooooo jealous right now. You have no idea....... Enjoy and go ahead and scream if you need to. Can't hurt ;)


I rode once when I was about 15-16 (dirt bike). Then on the back of my hubby's bike Kawasaki Vulcan. Then I got tired of the backseat view and went & bought a Honda Shadow Aero 750. Hubby kept it at his work for a week (little did I know he was riding it to & fro). I practiced after work on it each night. The first night, I dumped it (luckily into the grass) and broke the tail light stem. Then I drove it home on Friday night because I was taking the motorcycle safety course that weekend. I ran out of gas about 3 miles from home. (He'd used it all up in his running around.

It rained and hailed and almost snowed during the class. I was determined to finish. I slogged through and passed (quite well).

I've been riding since then & love it. Each spring, I have to re-remember what I forgot over the winter tho' because I'm not a natural. And I have never had to ride in what I went through for the safety course since then. BTW taking the class from the pros is the best decision I made. They were more patient than my hubby and knew how to explain what I needed to hear.

:-) Have a great time. AND please make sure you wear all the gear (even if it is hot). It saves skin.

Janine Bray-Klimack

I hope you have a blast. I took up riding at 35..never rode before. I too tired of not being able to see the road b/c of hubby's head! Took a 14 hr intensive safety course which calmed my nerves. My first bike suffered a few broken signal lights, but they all provided a lesson. My three mantras when riding: (1) Ride your own ride - do what makes you comfortable (2) Don't hit the bike in front of you (if riding in a group) and the most important (3) The bike goes where you look! This one I learned first hand - it involved a left hand turn and a curb! Stay safe & I second the suggestion to wear all the gear - long sleeves included, even if it's hot!

Anne Kimball

Hi Carmen! I just found you thru the Circle of Moms contest. I'm Anne, from Life on the Funny Farm, and I'm also a Mom to six. See you around!


loving the new header. great pix of you and the kids.


Have fun at camp. Don't forget to label your undies. :)
New header and photos look great!


Love the new look of the blog. And I am so jealous of your upcoming camp experience. I would love to ride, but at barely 5'3", those bikes all look so intimidating to me. Maybe this is something to go on my bucket list. Have a great time!


AweSOME!!!! Have a great time, stay safe, and can't wait to hear about it! A friend of mine has a Harley, and is supposed to take me for a ride on it, but you know how things like that tend to go... I see him and his wife at the store and he's like "Hey, anytime!" So I will live vicariously through you. Hugs and soooooo excited for ya!!

Stephanie Quilao

Looking forward to meeting you at the Harley Camp Carmen :) I'm a total bike newb so this will be a real adventure!


I can't wait to meet you and we can all bond over our newbieness at riding.

Sonja Holzman

OMG take me! Take me!! Take me!!! Seriously, have a great time and write all about it! p.s. The new page is GREAT and the photos are fab.

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