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I have 1 child that east pepperoni, cheese whiz daily, if I don't mix it up. He will though eat sliced bell peppers, mini tomatoes and salad if I make it. I love baking for lunches, so Tea biscuits with different things added, like cheese or fruit have been a hit with 1.
For PB free? I've used WOW butter and labled it as WOW butter. We can't sent fish either.

Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

Tea biscuits? Are the sweet or savory? I use Trader Joe's pizza dough and cookie cutters to make my own homemade Lunchables. My girls love to "decorate" the mini pizza rolls with tomato sauce, shredded cheese and pepperoni. I also use cookie cutters for sandwiches, Hello Kitty is the favorite of my five year old. I freeze the leftover bread and make bread crumbs.


I'll post a recipe I've used over and over again on the tea biscuits. The title is Cape Breton I've learned other places use other names. :)

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