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The only thing I use is my music app on my phone. Sorry! Most of the classes I attend use their own music, so I don't use it that often unless working out on my own. I do use the LoseIt app to keep track of my caloric intake and exercise calories burned. I am so sorry to hear you're not supposed to do Zumba, but am glad they didn't completely rule it out. Hugs. Hope the candy bar was good.


I make myself go to the gym because my son teaches the classes I take. I figure if I don't show up he will think something happened to me. It's a nice way to see my adult son three times a week. He teaches silver sneakers classes and a Zumba gold class. (also power pump and spinning which I don't take.). All the ladies love him. He is getting married at the end of this month. They took up a collection for a wedding present and gave him $624. From senior citizens ....so sweet. Sorry to hear about your contined leg issues. Maybe your gym offers the Zumba gold, not as intense as regular Zumba I think.


I use Foursquare, and when I checked into the gym last week and it said (paraphrasing), "This is your 10th week in a row here! Good job!" well, it sounds silly, but it did make me feel good.

When I used to swim, I used Speedo's Pace Club, which is basically an online practice log that also has workouts. I never bothered with their workouts, and I didn't find the site particularly useful or motivating.

Now I've begun using GE's new Facebook app, HealthyShare, which I think is pretty good. The workouts it gives you are usually brief, fun things you can do while watching TV to burn a few calories instead of sitting on the couch.

For figure skating, which is my passion, I sometimes post my progress (and failures) in the practice threads at skatingforums.com. I sometimes find this online forum daunting. It can be a little depressing when someone easily passes the test you've been struggling to pass for months, or someone begins skating and is doing the same jumps you've worked on for years within a month. But you can get some good advice and industry knowledge about a less common sport.

And yes, for running/jogging, my iphone music is essential. The new Fun song, "Some Nights," is a great song for slow runners like me.


I dont use technology for my workouts.... just don't.


I've been using my ww journals. I figured I pay my 18.07 a week for this, I should continue. If I ever get a cellphone maybe I'll use their aps? :)

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