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I'm really, really sorry you were treated so badly :( Providing skilled IT help can be difficult to do well to begin with, having abuse heaped on you? that stinks!

I wasn't perfect, I sometimes panicked & did the deer in headlights thing when people recognized me. What I tried to remember though was that please, thank you & excuse me were the words that should be used the most throughout the weekend. I still came home with bruises from being elbowed & shoved :(

Amy B.

Sounds like you really ARE a special snowflake. I am so sorry to hear about what you went through. It's so ugly and unfair. So allow me to say thank you for all you did to make the conference a rousing success and wonderful experience for the people who are kind and who do care and who, hopefully, will always have bigger voices than the meanies.

Pauline Gaines

Unbelievable. Glad you called it out. I'm planning to go for the first time next year but I promise to be polite.

Ann Harrison

There's a side of me that would like to have these bloggers called out so that we could address them, if we chose, and hear them explain their behavior. If they feel so comfortable saying these things to your face, and sharing their entitlement at the conference with other bloggers that have commented here, then why shouldn't we share in a more "social" way. That is what we do here right, "social media"?

Time for some Social Media Therapy.

Ann Harrison


I would like to add that I am very proud of you and happy to hear that you are thinking of ways to make the BlogHer conference better next year.

One of my past jobs was working for a conference marketing/producing company and I will never forget how some people get so carried away with their temper. And this was for a Holistic Healing conference! :->

Just Jen

WOW! I wish I could say that I am shocked to read that this happened. While I wasn't at BlogHer, I live in our would and I am exposed to the daily rantings of people in general (not just women but men, teens, and SMALL CHILDREN) who have a sense of entitlement that overrides their sense of stewardship to their fellow man. What's even sadder to think about is that the majority of these women who behaved so poorly were mothers that will no doubt be complaining (if they already aren't) at the disrespectful way in which their children speak to them and wonder where they learned it from. As a newer blogger, and not "mommy" focused, I guess I need to rethink whether this is a conference that I should attend. I want to surround myself with the positive - not the negative!!

Kim @ Mama By The Bay

Thank you for saying this. I am so sorry that your conference experience was marred by the elitist attitudes of other women. Can I just add, that the "special snowflakes" also horribly abused their Twitter influence last weekend too? I was horrified to see people lashing out publicly at BlogHer, the Hilton, and even VOTY speakers. It was such an abuse of (Twitter) power. If you have criticism to give, do it to the persons face, and do it politely and productively.


I'm with Liz and Jenn. I'm so sorry that you had to deal with the worst kinds of people all weekend. It's a shame for everybody, and nobody is more important than any other. So rude. :(


Brook @ RedheadReverie

Oh, my goodness...so VERY sorry. And unfortunately after reading this I'm terrified of going to BlogHer. YIKES!!!


Thank you for your service, and I hope to see you in Chicago next year. We can hang out and just chatter away. You won't see any of the chaos because it seems to avoid me -- I missed out on anything wackadoo at BlogHer. Well, except the stuff that was going on in my own head. :) It was nice to meet you! I was just going through my cards and wanted to drop in and say HI! *waves*

Mr Lady

I think you're dead sexy when you're in charge. That is all.



wow, just wow. Here at Homeher12 my only run in was with a 10yrold that thought that he was eating at a restaurant instead of Mom's kitchen. I see that some people never grow up?
I'm sorry you had to run into people like this. I can correct my 10yrold so he wont treat others like this but who will teach the grown ups? Wont someone Teach the grown ups????

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