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Since I just decided to have a rummage sale on this coming Saturday, I DID rid my house of way more than 50 things in preperation. Does that count?


Hmmm, I've gotten rid of a LOT of things recently...but I can probably find 50 more.


I'm in


I am a minimalist. Just purged my closet(I do this after every season and if I haven't worn something, out it goes). My house is pretty much the same. So I will try to find 50 things but it may be a challenge.


If I rid my closet of excess clothes does that count as one thing? or numerous things, If I can count them as individual things, then I am in. My home is always producing things, and I love a good challenge to keep me digging it out.


definitely something to think about especially when you think about "your life" and not just physical stuff like the house, car, etc.

I'm in but don't know how well I will do.


send me a reminder text to do this next Tuesday night OK?
Thanks lol


Oh yes PLEASE! 50 things gone bye-bye would be wonderful. Hmmm can we start with the "gone bye-bye" bit there? Where did that come from?

Stacey B.

Working on it now actually. We are getting things ready for our church rummage sale and in the process we are tossing things as well that can't be donated. Maybe a few extra pounds might be lost in the process. ;)


Fifty things. Yes. Very do-able, and very needed! Some day in another life I'd love to be a minimalist...love that comment from Sandy that 50 things would be a challenge. Also? I'd like to lose another 50 pounds. If I lose 50 pounds in a week, does that count as one thing? Just KIDding! This week will be 50 things I can put in boxes to donate or toss, whatever the case may be, but I will get them out of the house! I'm in. I'll post about it on my blog.


Does it count if 25 of the "things" are from my fridge/freezer that need to be tossed? LOL


I purge our house two times a year. Not sure I have 50 things at this point, but will look around and see.


Will give it a try. Starting with ugly stained dish towels! Also I think it is time to get rid of the nightgown my mother bought me when I was in the the hospital with my third child who is now 29!


Sounds great! Count me IN!!


Considering that we're moving at the end of the month, I probably should lose twice that amount--but in anticipation of the move, I've been purging for months. Still, I think I can come up with 50.

I think #1 and #2 will be the ugly lamps my husband inherited from his grandmother and which have assaulted my eyeballs daily for the last 15 years.

Count me in.


Count me in! The clutter is choking out the air in my house. Every time I think of getting rid of it I think of an old children's TV show I once saw many years ago called The Big Comfy Couch. The main character tossed so much junk out of her big couch that it started to float - I am soooo ready to float! It would be convenient to blame the 6 kids, but I know much of the clutter is really my doing... or lack of doing :( Thanks for the incentive :)

Emily C

Nope. Not even going to try. We have zero storage furniture in our house. Except one crate for files, I suppose that counts. We have a tiny bedroom closet, one small dresser, and a closet for coats and the vacuum and outside toys and a closet for kids' clothes and off-season items.

That makes me feel good, thinking that I could probably barely come up with 30 things to get rid of.


Well, we are going to be gone for the rest of this week. But today, I already got rid of 4(!) printers. Donated to the local Vo-tech school for kids to take apart, etc.. Went thru towels this morning, if frayed, holey, stained, folded into a pile to take to the animal shelter next week. why do we feel the need to keep all these towels anyway?!?

Good luck to all who are participating.


I'll give a shot. I'm late to the party so I'll start today and come back next Saturday. :)

Headless Mom

Love this. I'm late, but I'll try because ZOMG MUST GET RID OF THE THINGS.

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