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We are just north of Richmond, I've been hoping you guys were getting ready too. The stores here are BARE and there isn't a portable generator to be had at any price. I was going to download books then went to the library instead because who knows if I'll be able to charge anything. We bought all the food and batteries and candles and water & stuff yesterday. Where we are, our longest storm related power outage in the past few years was 11 days which is a LONG time, so I am hoping this is not the monster they are saying it is- good luck to you guys, stay safe!!


Prep started yesterday with a food store run. Generator is ready. We wil gas up the cars tomorrow. I will vacuum tomorrow too! I will fill the bathtubs with water today too. Monday I will start to give valerian to the dog to calm her anxiety. I live in southern NJ so the barrier islands are under mandatory evacuation tomorrow too. We're in for a bumpy ride. I hate these storms.


I live in blizzard territory, so we also get those crazy storms (ice, feet of snow, etc.). When they hit, I do the above, but also power the portable DVD players so the kids can have some movies and keep me sane! Coffee and booze are lifesavers. So is chocolate :) Keep safe!


Sounds like you're ready. Chicago has the "pleasure" of tornado and blizzard possibilities; we can only really plan for one. :/ Stay safe and alert babe.
In related irony, my son is rightthisveryminute making his emergency prep kit for his scout merit badge. Timing is everything.


We live in tornado and blizzard country. Lots of opportunities here too. The coffee is the most important thing! We can survive anything as long as there is coffee. Stay safe and update when you can. Chewy snacks for the kids? did you remember those?


In NJ, outside of NYC. Got some water, vino, bread, eggs. Husband is traveling this weekend and won't be back until Monday. Hopefully the storm with veer right into the Atlantic Ocean and head out to sea. We don't have a generator so I'm kind of praying and hoping that our power stays on. I do have a battery thing in my car that I could probably hook up the Keurig , of course, coffee and vino are the utmost priorities here!


We are in Delaware a/k/a the bullseye, judging by the current track. Saw many people buying generators and water yesterday, as well as gas (three tankards filled up the Wawa). Lots of boats were pulled out of the water. Bought my Diet Coke, so I'm good. heh

Katie Fleck

My boyfriend is driving into this mess RIGHT NOW (cause airports were already canceling flights) and I'm kinda freaking worried about him. Long story short, he has to be in New Jersey to make sure the water pumping and treatment plants stay online during the storm. I hate that he has to go out there instead of being safe and sound here in Indiana. But he's an original Boston boy and ex-Marine and says he can handle a hurricane. Men.

Hope your power stays on and keep us updated!


Be safe, Carmen!! Hope you are not hit too hard. Here in Chicago, they are predicting 15 - 20 foot waves, which means someone will go to the lakefront to watch and get swept into the lake. Happens every time. Hope nobody is that dumb on the east coast!!

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